Neauvia filler – types of drug, price of the procedure, reviews

With age, the contour of the face changes. His lines become less clear. This is due to a slowdown in tissue metabolism. Various cosmetic procedures are used to rejuvenate the skin. Good efficiency is shown by injections with Neauvia Hydro Deluxe filler.

What is the uniqueness of Neauvia Organic biogel

There are many preparations for contour plastics containing hyaluron. Neauvia Organic stands out from their background with several advantages.

The most natural composition

The main ingredient of the biogel is hyaluronic acid, which has undergone stabilization. Chains are made up of its molecules. Due to this, the filler is characterized by prolonged biodegradation, the effect of its use lasts longer.

Previously produced drugs for cross-linking molecular chains added chemicals to the composition. They can be toxic. In order not to make the drug harmful, chemicals were added in a minimal amount. Therefore, the persistence of the effect of contouring was low.

In the production of Neauvia Organic began to use PEG polymer. It is successfully used in pharmaceuticals and medicine.

The use of a polymer made it possible to find a compromise between safety and durability of the effect. Substance PEG:

  • Absolutely hypoallergenic and non-toxic;
  • Fully biocompatible. The polymer gradually dissolves and is safely removed from the dermis;
  • Reduces the concentration of enzymes that break down hyaluron;
  • Does not cause a rejection reaction of the immune system;
  • Minimizes the risk of granulomas and tissue inflammation.

The addition of a polymer made it possible to create a completely safe filler with a prolonged effect that can mimic organic material.

Application of new technology for the production of hyaluronic acid

The drug is made on the basis of not animal hyaluronic acid, but obtained in the laboratory. It has properties such as:

  • Possibility of use in high concentrations;
  • Guaranteed safety and non-toxicity;
  • Long shelf life;
  • The highest degree of purity.

It is also possible to calculate its exact molecular weight. Thanks to this, it was possible to produce Neauvia Organic biogel, which retains its shape and is resistant to any load.

High Strength Polymer Network

When creating the drug, for the first time, a new technology was used to cross-link hyaluron molecules into chains. Thanks to this method of polymerization, they have gained high resistance to mechanical and thermal effects.

In the past, fillers have been adversely affected by exposure to laser, ultrasonic and radio waves. After contouring with Neauvia, any aesthetic hardware procedures can be performed without the risk of destroying the biogel.

High rheological performance

Rheology is a set of criteria characterizing the properties of the gel:

  • Fluidity;
  • Viscosity;
  • Resistant to deformation.

Biogel Neauvia Organic is characterized by the best rheological parameters. It does not migrate under the skin, retains its shape. The filler has good plasticity. When compressed, including during physical exertion, it retains its original shape.

Due to this feature, after the injection of the drug, the skin relief, volumes and oval lines remain even for a long time.

Calcium hydroxyapatite

Hyaluronic acid helps moisturize the skin. However, this is not enough to eliminate age-related changes. You also need collagen. Protein makes tissues more elastic and elastic.

Neauvia Organic is made with the addition of calcium hydroxyapatite. The substance is able to stimulate the production of its own collagen in soft tissues. Thanks to this, the dermis is restored, the maximum effect of rejuvenation and correction of facial lines is achieved.

Application of Neauvia filler

There are several areas for injection of the drug:

  • Around eyes. The filler fills small wrinkles. It also eliminates dark circles under the eyes;
  • Ears. Model the shape of the lobes;
  • Nasolacrimal grooves. They are filled with a filler, after which they cease to be noticeable;
  • Forehead. With the help of the procedure, wrinkles and post-acne marks are eliminated;
  • Nasolabial zone. The wrinkle that appeared as a result of age-related changes is eliminated;
  • Lips. The filler fills wrinkles. Also, with the help of the drug, an increase and correction of the shape of the lips are made;
  • Nose. Injections model its shape;
  • Cheekbones and cheeks. Increase their volume, make a lift;
  • The chin. The procedure allows you to give it volume, adjust the shape, fill wrinkles;
  • Face contour. After injections, it becomes clearer;
  • Hands and knees. After using the filler, the skin in the zones becomes more hydrated and toned;
  • Neck and decollete. The procedure relieves sagging skin;
  • Stomach. Stretch marks are removed.
nuvia application

Also, Neauvia Organic is used in the intimate area. With the help of injections, the shape of the external genitalia is modeled, helping to increase satisfaction from sexual intercourse.

Contraindications for the procedure

Although Neauvia Organic is a completely safe, biocompatible drug, it has a number of contraindications:

  • Minor age (injections are possible with the written permission of the parents);
  • High predisposition to the appearance of keloid scars on the skin;
  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • mental illness;
  • Acute and chronic infections;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • Diabetes mellitus (at the stage of decompensation).

Also, injections are contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

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