Natal chart, austerity for sports and financial plans: 5 things that charged me with optimism at the beginning of the year. BEAUTYHACK

For the past year, I’ve been living on a roller coaster with no plans. Almost every day of my life was completely spontaneous: I chose what I would eat in the morning, ordering food with a courier, and in the evening, for example, I made a large spontaneous purchase, which I later regretted. By 2023, I realized that I lacked discipline, which, as all psychologists say, is important for mental health. That is why I decided to make a list of things that will depend only on me, giving me confidence and keeping my mood stable. I have been following this plan for a little less than a month, but I can already say that it works: I have become more organized and optimistic.

Natal chart

The first thing I did at the beginning of the year was to make a natal chart with an astrologer. I understand that many are skeptical about this, but the consultation helped me a lot. Firstly, together with a specialist, I analyzed my strengths and weaknesses, learning how to pump them in order to improve all areas of life. Secondly, I was able to decide on global goals for life. Of course, all this can be done with a psychologist, coach or on your own. But on my own example, I can say that it would have taken much more time. Yes, you can not believe in astrology, but a conversation with an expert cheered me up and motivated me to many useful rituals, which means that it’s already good.

Course with a nutritionist

The second thing I wanted to do was fix the food. I have read many articles on this topic before, and talked with many experts and doctors at work. But this time I decided to delve into the topic by signing up for an individual course with a nutritionist. And it turned out to be a good decision. Now I understand how many calories I need to eat per day, how to properly make up a diet for the day, week and month, how to read the ingredients on the labels, how to replace foods that I don’t like, etc. Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but I can already see the first results: thanks to proper nutrition and cooking exclusively at home (no more fast food and ready-made products!), I have improved skin and general well-being. I also began to lead food diary and go to supermarkets with a list of products (by the way, this helps not only to plan the budget in advance, but also not to buy too much).

Learning Financial Literacy

And by the way, about the budget. In addition to nutrition, I decided to deal with my finances: learn how to plan my expenses and generally manage money competently. Experts say it doesn’t matter how much you earn, it matters how you spend. Among my findings in this matter are the blog Girl with Money and the book Smart Girl Gets Rich by Elena Feoktistova. Next up – new “I spend and get” by Natalia Kolbasina (new “MIF”) and the bestseller “Your own financier” by Anastasia Tarasova.

Asceticism for daily sports

I always tried to go in for sports and yoga, but, I confess, it was not possible to do it regularly. And if you miss one workout, then you don’t have the strength for the second and third. After that, I reproach myself and hardly return to sports mode again. And so in a circle. From mid-January, I took austerity to do any physical exercise for at least 15 minutes a day. Now excuses about fatigue and no time do not work. Did you drag out your laziness until the night? So, before going to bed, I lay a rug at home and do at least 15 minutes of relaxing yoga or stretching.


This year, for the first time, I made a moodboard: I printed pictures from Pinterest that inspired me, pasted them on the board, and now I admire them every day. It really puts you in a good mood.

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