“My biggest regret”: Courteney Cox on how she ruined her face with fillers and now does not advise them to anyone. BEAUTYHACK

Last year a lot of people were talking about Naomi Watts on The Watcher. Moreover, the interest of the audience was caused not only by the actress’s game, but also by her appearance: Naomi, at 54, looked at 54 (see photo here). And this is a rarity these days. Many stars (and ordinary women) in the struggle for youth resort to beauty services that smooth out their wrinkles, sometimes dramatically changing their face. A few years ago, a similar thing happened to Courteney Cox. Due to excessive fillers, fans hardly recognized the star of the series “Friends”, but she, as if not noticing anything, continued to inject. Only recently, Courtney admitted that she really overdid it, so the fillers had to be removed. The other day, Cox became a guest on the Gloss Angeles podcast and once again touched on this topic.

“To think that you look old when you are actually young is a real madness, a waste of time,” the 58-year-old actress shared, according to People. “It’s like a domino effect, when you already look weird, but you think everything is fine.”

Courtney also warned that everyone needs to be very careful with fillers.

“You seem to be aware that something has gone wrong, but you still continue to inject because you seem ordinary to yourself. You look in the mirror and you think, “Oh, this looks good.” And at this moment you don’t even understand how you look for an outsider who looks at you from the side,” she said. – It’s good that fillers can be removed. I think I screwed up a lot with them, but luckily I was able to reverse the process for the most part.”

The celebrity added that today, fillers remain her biggest regret of all beauty procedures, and her old photos are still shocking. “I’m looking at pictures of myself at a time when I thought I looked good and I can’t believe I thought so,” Courtney said.

By the way, now the actress advises women exclusively natural and affordable beauty rituals. For example, for beauty and youth, she drinks celery smoothies in the morning, and in the evening she applies a hot towel soaked in oils to her face. Read about it Here.

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