Money down the drain: failed cosmetics that pissed off the editors


Once again, we met at the appointed place at the appointed time to complain about the most terrible beauty products that came our way. Come in, sit in a circle and get acquainted with the sad stories of the editorial staff of YaPokupayu.

Every month on the 13th we have a meeting of the sneak club. We complain about the cosmetics that we bought with our hard-earned money, but it cheated us of quality, deceived our expectations and broke our hearts.

Luxvisage Lip Volumizer Hot VanillaI

I hoped to give shine and expressiveness to my lips-threads. The description states that the product temporarily increases them due to the active substances in the composition – it works like a plumper. When I read the reviews, I learned that, in addition to radiance, the tool helps to get a brighter shade – like after hot tea or a cup of spicy noodles. And what, interestingly, is in the spirit of the “kissed lips” trend! What is the result?

The slight tingling that is written on the package is very noticeable, especially if the plumper accidentally gets on the tongue. But that’s all! No color, no beautiful shine, no notorious volume.

It is not easy to distribute it on the lips, it is thick. I also used to apply a drop of gloss to the center, but in this case it didn’t work out either – only a sloppy daub comes out. The product is useless. At Eveline has a magnifying glosshere it works.

Vlad ZmanovskikhSMM specialist

Ropin, Hydrating Elasticity Cream

I bribed, of course, a beautiful set: there was a cream, and a brush, and a scrub, and a beautiful postcard, and a magnet – well, how can you not fall in love!

But I didn’t see the result. The product is quickly absorbed, the smell is divine. It moisturizes. But in the moment. After about twenty minutes, there is no trace of moisturizing. I’m generally silent about elasticity – just marketing. By the way, they have a good massage brush.

Alena Balakinaheading editor HOUSE

Maybelline New York Sils Sensational Waterproof Mascara

This mascara could be an advertisement for what cosmetics should not be. The brush, which is designed to give volume to the cilia, captures too much product, which results not in an elegant curve (for which I bought the product), but in black greasy sticks.

Of course, the hairs under such a layer stick together and look unattractive. And the mascara furiously crumbles – during the day every now and then you have to look in the mirror and brush off this “dust” – you already want to cry!

By the way, the inscription “waterproof” did not disappoint: if tears come, the mascara will not flow, but it will not be washed off easily, even with hydrophilic oil. All in all, this product was a bummer. Here Sky High from the same brand I liked it more.

Cherepanova Agafiajunior editor

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Cherepanova Agafia
Cherepanova Agafia
junior editor

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