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Mannequin lift (or temporal lift) is a new trend in plastic surgery. The operation is resorted to in order to get a flying eyebrow line and a fox look, due to the raised corners of the eyes. What other effect to expect from the procedure, how it is performed and for whom it suits, Igor Bely told the editors of

Who applies for this operation

Most of all requests are from young women who want to give their appearance even more zest and sophistication and become like Bella and Gigi Hadid.

Also, those who have anatomical and age-related overhang in the temporal region and the eyebrow region resort to a mannequin lift, which makes the look more tired or sad.

What effect to expect

During the operation, the upper face area is lifted. This helps not only to solve the problem of overhanging skin of the upper eyelids (not to be confused with blepharoplasty), but also makes it possible to raise eyebrows, as well as get a beautiful almond-shaped incision, with corners raised up, which is very popular today.

The operation has its own characteristics and is done strictly according to indications. The incisions in a classic temporal lift are located in the temple area and are often very visible. With the help of a mannequin lift, you can solve problems such as eyebrow asymmetry, their low location, overhanging.

It should be borne in mind that as a result of such a lift, the section of the eyes will change slightly and become narrower. Also, the rehabilitation period can be quite long due to the large area of ​​tissue detachment.

How the operation is performed

An alternative to temporal lifting is Top-Lifting (my author’s patented development). It includes all the possibilities of the temporal lift, taking into account all the improvements and imperfections that may have arisen.

The operation in both cases is carried out in almost the same way, with the exception of the incision site. If in the case of temporal lifting the incision is located in the temporal region, then in the case of Top-Lifting it is located in the area of ​​the bald patches on the forehead. Thus, the direction of the tightening does not have a lateral vector to the temples, but upwards.

Detachment of the tissue is carried out in the deep layers, which helps to avoid a long rehabilitation period and exclude trauma to the facial nerve.

How long does the result last

Since the lift is performed at a deep level, at the location of the tough connective tissue that covers the forehead, such an operation, as a rule, has a very long or even lifelong effect.

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