Manicure with a rabbit for the New Year 2023, which will bring happiness

Before the upcoming big holiday, there is a lot of trouble: making a list of dishes, calling guests, coming up with an outfit, hairstyle, makeup, and, of course, choosing a nail design. To please the Patron, we advise you to choose a manicure with a rabbit for the New Year 2023. Such a coating will not only look interesting, but will also bring happiness to the one who does it.

Bunny manicure

How to make a manicure with a rabbit for the New Year 2023

Many women want to prepare as much as possible for an important event in order to look 100%. New Year is just one of those holidays when you want everything to be perfect. But preparing for such an important celebration can take a lot of time. For example, some ladies can only spend hours looking for a suitable nail cover option. However, not everyone has so much free time. That is why we decided to help the beautiful half of humanity with the preparation, and have collected the best and most original manicure options for the upcoming holiday.

And today we will talk about the design with drawings of the Patron of the Year – the Black Water Rabbit. With such a decision, you will undoubtedly please the fluffy animal and attract happiness!

Gentle manicure with dots

The name of this idea already speaks for itself! To embody a neat and gentle manicure, use soothing colors. It can be both nude varnishes and milky, light pink or blue ones. In this case, it is necessary to make two fingers monophonic. On the middle, use a white base, and decorate it with small dots. On the little finger and ring finger, ask the master to embody current drawings: a rabbit and Christmas toys.

Bunny manicure

With a cute bunny on the thumb

Far from deviating from the theme of cute and delicate designs, we offer another option. Only it represents a more minimalist style. Choose 2 shades (for example, pink). Also take white and black. With the help of a muted color, it is worth making a base on all nails. After that, draw that very cute bunny on the thumb. His muzzle and ears should be white. Highlight the eyes and nose with black. And in the space between the long ears, you can draw a couple of hearts.

Bunny manicure

original design

The patron of 2023 loves natural colors (especially those that are reminiscent of the main delicacy of the rabbit – grass and plants). Therefore, we recommend using a pleasant green tone in combination with white. Highlight a few fingers with the first shade, and the rest with the second. On one of the nails, ask the master to embody an interesting design that attracts happiness. You can use special stickers (if any).

Bunny manicure

With rhinestones

For many, New Year’s manicure is associated with glitter and … rhinestones! And if you are one of these people, then take a closer look at the manicure with a spectacular pebble. But in order not to overdo it, grab only two accent elements. They can be used as the tail of a fluffy animal. Draw it on one of the fingers with a different base. For the rest of the nails, use the color you like.

Bunny manicure

Bunnies on all nails

To appease the Patron of the Year as much as possible, you can depict a rabbit in the most cheerful and cute states on each finger. A delicate pink base will look very good. And the drawings themselves should be done (or look for stickers) in gray and white. An example of such nail art can be seen below in the photo.

Bunny manicure

With rabbit, dots and paws

A rabbit manicure for the new year 2023 is a great solution for those who want to stand out and show off to the rest of their truly original finish. And if you want to do something unusual, you can make all the nails different. To do this, you will need several varnishes:

  1. red;
  2. light pink;
  3. white;
  4. black.

And now a brief instruction on their use:

  1. Leave the little finger in one color. To cover, use soft pink gel polish.
  2. On the nameless one, make the base red and the dots white.
  3. On the middle finger, you must use the same light base, but the drawings of the paws are red.
  4. Decorate the forefinger according to the same principle as the nameless one (but here the dots should be white).
  5. And for dessert – a thumb, which should show off a drawing of a cute rabbit with big ears.

Bunny manicure

colorful design

For this manicure, you can use a variety of colors that only you like.

Note: do not forget that the Patron of 2023 does not really like too saturated tones.

Muted or nude shades can be a good choice. And sparkles on some fingers will help to improve the design. Draw a rabbit on the middle nail, and any other drawing on the ring nail.

Bunny manicure

With rabbits and hearts

The tandem of pink and gray looks very nice, so you can safely use such varnishes for this idea. On 4 fingers, make a pink base, and on the little finger – gray. On it you need to draw two small hearts. On the finger closest to him, let white rabbits flaunt. And on the remaining nails, make unusual hearts. See the photo below for an example.

Bunny manicure

Rabbit on the moon

A rather interesting design can be obtained if the animal is depicted sleeping on a month. You will need navy blue, light blue, white and pink polishes and a lot of patience! Thanks to the brilliant skills of your master, you can get an incredible nail art that will undoubtedly delight everyone!

Bunny manicure

French glitter manicure

Fans of the classic jacket can slightly improve the design for the New Year theme by adding sparkles and a cute rabbit to it. On one hand you can draw his face, and on the other – a turned animal. Use the already familiar technique with a rhinestone as a ponytail.

Bunny manicure

Beautiful design with snowflakes

A popular winter manicure with snowflakes should be diluted with a couple of accent nuances. First, make a nude base on all nails. Highlight the nameless one with white, and draw a rabbit wrapped in a scarf there. On two fingers you can make beautiful snowflakes with a slight bulge. Apply the same technique on the middle finger, decorated with hearts. This nail should be made matte.

Bunny manicure

Drawing on several nails

And our selection is completed by a rather unusual, and very beautiful idea. Here it is also necessary to depict a sleeping rabbit. Only the drawing itself should extend over several nails. How it should look like as a result, you can see below.

Bunny manicure

A manicure with a rabbit for the new year 2023 is the best solution for those who believe in all sorts of predictions and other magical things. And if this is you, then know that the drawing of the Patron will definitely bring you happiness and good luck!

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