Manicure 2023: New Year’s drawings on nails

Winter holidays are always a pleasant, wonderful and memorable atmosphere. Therefore, many seek to create a brilliant image for themselves. And in this case, you need to think through every detail, including nail design. Today we invite you to get acquainted with beautiful and relevant manicure ideas for the New Year 2023!

Manicure for the New Year

How to make a manicure for the New Year 2023

There is still very little time left for a fun winter celebration, preparations for which should begin in advance. Stylish outfit, delicious meals, makeup, hair and manicure – all this needs to be considered. And if we have already talked about many other nuances in our previous articles, today the topic for discussion will be the nail coating.

New Year’s design is usually red, gold and silver, a sea of ​​\u200b\u200bsequins and themed drawings. The following are fashionable manicure options that look very interesting and truly festive!

With cage and deer muzzle

For this design, you should use the following colors:

  1. gray (as a base);
  2. black;
  3. white;
  4. silver;
  5. red.

Leave the thumb and little finger the same color. On the index, draw a small cell. On the ring finger, make three stripes of different colors. And on the middle should be a cute muzzle of a deer. It will be enough to make a big red nose and small eyes and horns.

Manicure for the New Year

Delicate manicure with silver foil

This option will suit lovers of discreet designs. The big advantage of this idea is the accent silver, which will add solemnity. You can use foil on one nail, and an interesting pattern on the other. An example can be seen in the photo below.

Manicure for the New Year

Colorful design with gold foil

In this case, you will need gold foil, which will serve as an additional element in this coating. Make the base in a delicate color (pink or milky). We also recommend adding some colorful strokes. Shades of blue or red will look perfect in winter style.

Manicure for the New Year

Spectacular manicure with rhinestones

If you are looking for the most spectacular nail design for the New Year, then take a closer look at this idea. You will need a lot of different rhinestones. Some nails can be completely covered with material, and on others, repeat the layout of the pebbles as shown below. Also pay attention to the base: make a light matte surface. It is possible to use a gradient.

Manicure for the New Year

Green glitter and star design

Here the essence lies in the imitation of the Christmas tree. First you need to apply green gel polish with glitter. And on top, use big red sparkles and yellow stars. Be sure to secure all this with a top so as not to lose a couple of details before the start of the holiday itself.

Manicure for the New Year

Nude version with New Year’s drawings

To make a beautiful design, use interesting New Year’s drawings on your nails. Cover three nails with nude polishes. They must remain glossy. On the middle and ring fingers, you can experiment using shiny golden lacquer and various patterns. Take white material as a base, and make the Christmas tree, snowflakes and ball black with golden sparkles.

Manicure for the New Year

With beautiful phrases / words

The current manicure for the New Year 2023 is a design with phrases or words. They can be supplemented with several fingers. You can write them yourself or use stickers. For a change, it is worth adding small drawings (Santa Claus’s hat, balls for the Christmas tree, snowflakes, etc.).

Manicure for the New Year

Knitted manicure

A knitted manicure is suitable as a “cozy” and delicate design. We recommend using multiple colors. Make two nails in one shade, and two more in another. And on the middle finger, repeat this design, as shown in the photo below.

Manicure for the New Year

Nail art with a rabbit

To appease the Patron of the Year, the Black Water Rabbit, get a manicure with a picture of this fluffy animal. Complete other nails with snowflakes and hearts. And don’t be afraid to experiment with a combination of glossy and matte finishes in one design! An example of a successful implementation of the idea can be seen below.

Manicure for the New Year

Elegant cat eye manicure

Fans of luxurious manicure are recommended to take a closer look at the design of the cat’s eye. It looks insanely elegant and charming! You can choose any paint colors you like.

Manicure for the New Year

With Christmas patterns

Remember those cute sweaters that many probably had in childhood (or even someone still has)? A popular print from these little things can be transferred to the nail cover. The pattern will be more relevant than ever for a festive party in honor of the New Year!

Manicure for the New Year

Dark blue nail art with snowflakes and winter forest

If you are tired of the same type and classic options, then we present to your attention something completely new. To implement this creative idea, you will have to make a dark blue base. On some nails, you need to draw snowflakes on the sides, which are placed as if on a frozen window. And on the ring finger (or any other nail), draw a fabulous winter forest.

Manicure for the New Year

Purple manicure

If you want to use a color that is not typical for a New Year’s manicure, then we advise you to take a closer look at purple. We suggest using a varnish of this shade with glitter, and a regular one. On nails with a standard finish, you can draw a few small and interesting elements (for example, stars, highlights, snowflakes, etc.)

Manicure for the New Year

Red design with Santa Claus

New Year’s drawings on nails can often be presented with a character we all know – Santa Claus. In this design, we recommend using red and white. Most of the fingers should be decorated with a solid color coating. On others, draw stripes, a mitten, Grandfather himself, and put a few dots. You can see a great example in the photo below.

Manicure for the New Year

Themed red and white

And our list of ideas is completed by a very colorful and stylish design using the same tones as in the previous version. Only in this case you will have to:

  1. make the thumb and little finger solid in red;
  2. on the index, draw a Christmas tree and attach a rhinestone to the top (do not forget to add small dots on the sides);
  3. depict icicles on the middle;
  4. on the nameless one, a gradient, complemented by sparkles, will look great.

Manicure for the New Year

Now you have a considerable list of options for manicure for the New Year 2023. We sincerely hope that you have found a suitable idea for yourself, or at least got inspired by the options presented!

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