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Keyboard in pastel colors and wireless mouse from Acer – we know what to give on February 23 and March 8. BEAUTYHACK

According to a survey by SberMegaMarket, the most common desires of men on February 23 were gadgets, laptops and computers. At the same time, 50% of women would also not mind receiving electronics as a gift on March 8. And this is understandable, such presentations are always needed and will last a long time. And if you want to really please and surprise your loved ones, pay attention to the new items. Acer brand – OCC200 wireless keyboard and mouse set and OMR200 mouse collection. Their main feature is beautiful pastel shades, which you have definitely not seen anywhere before.

The keyboard has three color combinations:

● light gray with yellow accent keys and dark gray outlines;
● light blue with white and purple keys and green outline;
● light beige with gray keys, red-brown outline.

And it is important that this gift will be appropriate for everyone: both freelancers and those who work from the office. Thanks to soft shades and point arrangement of color accents, the keyboard will look appropriate in any interior.

It is impossible not to note other important details that will definitely appreciate who you are giving a gift to: the small weight of the keyboard (only 475 grams); rubberized anti-slip feet that will not allow you to move on the table or any other surface; laptop key profile – a light touch is enough to press; as well as 6 keys with multimedia functions, making it easy to control the playback of music or video.

The keyboard is connected to the computer via a USB receiver via a 2.4 GHz radio channel and runs on two AAA batteries. And most importantly – limited power consumption allows you to work autonomously for quite a long time.
The mouse in the set has the same color combinations as the keyboard. Additional pluses are a compact size (61 grams), a velvety and matte Soft Touch coating that is pleasant to the touch, as well as a shape in a symmetrical design for comfortable use with both right and left hands. The mouse works up to 10 meters away from the computer.
The mouse can also be purchased separately from the keyboard. The choice of colors in the line is similar to those in the set, but complemented by muted blue. The bright blue wheel and blue base give the mouse’s base color a deeper tone. We are sure that this combination will appeal to denim lovers or fans of the deep sea.
LLC PREMIKOM, 1145047002528 (series 55 No012172115 of 03/14/2014) Acer


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