‘I’ve Never Been So Good’: Jennifer Aniston’s Honest Interview on Trying to Get Pregnant, Criticism and Family.

Recently, the last print issue of Allure magazine was released – the publication is completely moving into a digital format. It is symbolic that Jennifer Aniston was chosen for the cover story, and the 90s were chosen as the main reference for the shooting. In the photo that eventually became the cover, Jennifer poses in a Chanel swimsuit from the spring 1996 collection. Other shots show Aniston wearing a 1997 Tom Ford-designed Gucci thong with a metallic logo, Balmain leather trousers with a vintage Christian Dior belt from 2003. Now the actress is filming the third season of Morning News and seems ready to speak frankly about everything.

Translated the most important points interview.

About social networks

I hate social networks. This is torture for me, and the only reason I’m here is to launch my own line of cosmetics (a year ago, Jennifer Aniston and the team launched the LolaVie brand). First, I created my page, then the pandemic began, and we did not present LolaVie, then I had the feeling that I was just stuck in this virtual world. All this does not look natural. I am happy that I grew up and in my 20s lived without social networks. On the one hand, this is great: the Internet unites us, it is networking. But on the other hand, people just do what they compare themselves with others and despair.

About age and trying to get pregnant

Now I feel better than ever, better than at 20 or even 30, and even more so at 40. We just need to say less unpleasant things to each other. Because someday you will be 65, you will look at your old photos and think: but I looked great at 53.

At the age of 40, I went through a very difficult period, but if this had not happened, I would never have become the person who is sitting in front of you. Then I tried to get pregnant for several years, and it was hard. I did IVF, drank some Chinese teas. And all you had to do was freeze your eggs earlier. But at a younger age, you don’t care, and then you find yourself in a situation where your ship has sailed away. But now I feel relieved because I don’t have to think about it anymore, I have accepted the situation.

About criticism

The most painful thing in this situation was listening to gossip and open statements that I was just a narcissistic woman who cares more about her career. It was for this that God punished me, not giving me the opportunity to give birth to a child. Allegedly for this reason, we broke up with my husband – I could not give birth to children for him. All this is an absolute lie.

About my family

I think my mother was very scared after the divorce. You have to understand that her generation didn’t have the option of going to a therapist or even talking to anyone. You just take your kids and move on with tears in your eyes without anyone’s help. I moved away from my mother for many years, but now I have forgiven her and my father.

It is very dangerous to carry this resentment and anger in yourself. I saw this with my mother.

About marriage

Will I marry again? Never say never. In a relationship, I love moments when you can say I need support and get it. It would be great to come home in the evening, drown in someone’s arms and tell what a difficult day it was. But now I am a very independent person and have done a lot of work on myself to come to the light.

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