It’s a shame to walk in this: 3 outdated models of winter outerwear on the example of Russian stars


With the onset of cold weather, we are increasingly reminiscent of cabbage, which at home, leaf by leaf, frees itself from numerous clothes. This does not mean that the harsh and cold season only promises us trouble, because the right jacket or coat can save any situation.

Of course, first of all, the ideal model should be stylish, comfortable and warm. Alas, domestic celebrities do not always rely on these important criteria, so we learn from their mistakes when choosing outerwear.

Avoid flashy prints and shades

Lera Kudryavtseva daughter

A paired family look may look cute, but in case of an accidental collision on the street, others will certainly not be able to take their eyes off the bright jacket. And it’s not just the choice of the animal print that is relevant today. In combination with such neon colors, the picture looks too colorful. Refuse too flashy shades, especially if you are looking for outerwear for every day. Opt for a basic palette and add accent accessories.

Avoid cross-cut fur coats

Anastasia Volochkova fur coat

Natural furs have always been the epitome of luxury, beauty and wealth. But despite failure of popular brands from the use of animal skins, girls continue to wear natural fur coats. When choosing, you should pay attention to the cut. Models like Anastasia Volochkova, reminiscent of a caterpillar, often look cheap and old-fashioned, and also visually increase the figure due to consistent horizontal lines.

Choose comfortable clothes

When choosing winter clothes, the main thing is not to forget about its main function – protection from cold and precipitation. Of course, when trying on a jacket or a sheepskin coat in a store, it may seem that a shortened item will be a great helper at this time. But this is a scam!

Too narrow waist-length models look out of date. Even in the mild climate of the capital, the beauty Nastya Ivleeva would hardly be able to withstand at least a couple of hours of walking in such a way. Therefore, choose looser and longer sheepskin coats made of genuine leather, for example, a daring aviator model or a coat below the knee.

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