Is it possible to wash with gel for intimate hygiene

There are quite a lot of cosmetics for all occasions, and sometimes it is tempting to experiment. There is a story on the Internet about how a girl went on vacation and grabbed an intimate hygiene gel, but forgot her cleanser. And then it turned out that such a gel for the face is not bad at all.

Products intended for other purposes are used by boys and girls for washing, but they face some problems. Because of this, questions arise as to whether it is possible to wash yourself with an intimate hygiene gel all the time and how expedient it is even to use it temporarily for the face.

Can I wash my face with intimate soap?

The use of intimate gel for washing

First you need to figure out why women generally buy such a gel.

Everyone has heard that the genital area requires special care. If the product is not chosen correctly, the skin can dry and peel off. This will lead to itching and a lot of other unpleasant sensations. A specially selected cosmetic product most often helps to solve problems, and if it does not work, then you should consult a doctor.

Note! Hygiene of the intimate area requires compliance with certain rules. It is not recommended to use alcohol-containing wipes and laundry soap for washing. Towels need to be changed every 3-4 days. It is also impossible to use herbal infusions and chemical antiseptics without consulting a doctor. All this can disrupt the microflora of the external genital organs and the vagina.

And don’t forget about the pH level. Its low value means an acidic environment. If the level rises higher, the medium becomes alkaline. The pH level in the intimate area is 3.7-4.5, while on the face it is higher – 5.5. A product for sexual hygiene is created taking into account these features. It is softer and helps to provide proper comfort to the sensitive area.

It turns out that all such products are designed to cleanse the skin, but for washing it is still better to use a special foam.

Reasons for using a non-special cleanser

The main reason is just the softness of the intimate gel. It seems that if the product is created for delicate skin, then it is definitely not capable of harming the face, which means that there is no difference than to clean it. This is where pH comes into play. The skin in different areas of the female body is different, which is why hygiene products also differ.

Means for intimate hygiene

The pH level is important to maintain. On the face, its violation can affect the same way as in the intimate area. Dryness, irritation, acne will appear.

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