If you plan to celebrate March 8: an expert on the importance of massage after the party. BEAUTYHACK

March 8 is a great occasion to gather at the festive table with family or friends. But if you lead a healthy lifestyle, we advise you to pre-register for a massage session the next day. Why is it so important for the body, Oleg Potapenkov, VIP-master of the SENSMOOD massage studio and a nutritionist-consultant with over 20 years of experience, told the BeautyHack.ru editors.

First reason: withrelieve stress after the release of the hormone cortisol

For many, a party is the best way to unwind after a hard week at work. But while a person “relaxes”, the body, on the contrary, experiences severe stress. After all, all the celebrations often fall at a later time. And because of this, the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands, rises. In a normal circadian rhythm, cortisol production at night is minimal, but at parties, and even in a noisy company, it flies up. Outcome: overexcitation of the nervous system, depressive disorders, as well as fluid retention in the body and swelling.

What to do? The next morning, do everything so that the body is in a state of calm and relaxation. This will help body massage. It has been proven that in order for the body to return to a normal metabolic rate after stress, it takes 90 minutes – that is, the same session of relaxation massage.

The second reason: to raise the level of serotonin

Poor sleep, a feeling of lack of energy, guilt for junk food eaten after six in the evening – all these are the sad consequences of a party that can indicate a lack of serotonin, the so-called “happiness hormone”.

What to do? Give the body physical activity. Even a 20-minute workout will be enough for the overall mood to shift to the positive spectrum. But if you don’t feel like moving at all, you can sign up for a massage. Even from one session there will be benefits: muscle tone and skin elasticity will increase, as well as mood will improve. The perfect combo!

The third reason: disperse the lymph and relieve swelling

As I said earlier, elevated cortisol levels can cause swelling. This is because this hormone, in its effect on the body, is similar to two other hormones – adrenaline and norepinephrine. They (by biological processes) trigger the fight-and-flight defense response, an ancient survival strategy written into human DNA. So it turns out that while a person is having fun at a later time, his body mobilizes all the available energy resources. Because of this, the strength of the blood flow decreases, the speed of the lymph flow slows down, and, as a result, swelling of the face and body.

What to do? Any massage in this case will become a “magic pill” that will restart the lymph flow and relieve swelling.

Fourth reason: take the load off the legs after heels

Often going out involves shoes with high heels. And they are not always comfortable, although even this does not prevent many girls from dancing. Meanwhile, the legs need to be protected, because it is the support of the body and the spine.

What to do? Go for a massage that involves a foot massage. This will help get rid of pain after uncomfortable shoes and relieve swelling in the legs.

Fifth reason: get enough sleep on a massage

Another consequence of the party is drowsiness, which can be accompanied throughout the week. And this is understandable, because of the party, the biological clock has gone astray.

What to do? Go for a relaxation massage, if possible, sleep there. After all, a massage session is, first of all, a special atmosphere that is quite difficult to create for yourself at home. The right music, subdued lights, aromatherapy, lack of gadgets and distractions – all this contributes to a deep rest, after which you will again be in good shape and high spirits.

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