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More and more world trends are set by Korean culture. Thousands of girls around the world are trying to imitate the makeup of their favorite idols or drama characters. Well show you how to do it right.

Korean women love makeup, but they opt for lighter textures. Favorite products of Asian beauties are BB creams, tonal cushions, lip tints, thanks to which the effect of a mask on the face is excluded.

The main task is to skillfully correct problem areas and emphasize the advantages inherent in the appearance of beautiful Asian women.

porcelain skin. In Korea, much attention is paid to multi-stage purification. With the help of brightening masks and creams, local residents achieve an even tone. And colorless loose powder helps to achieve the effect of porcelain skin.

Bags under the eyes. Korean women are sure that small puffiness under the eyes makes their image fresh and innocent.

rosy cheeks. The cult of youth continues in contouring. Korean women prefer pink blush and tints. They should be applied to the middle of the cheeks, and not to the cheekbones or apples. This method of application will make any face rested and fresh.

By the way, you cant see a bronzer on the faces of Korean women, which creates additional shadows on the face.


light shades. Girls in Korea prefer beige, nude, pink-orange, coral and peach tones for daytime makeup. Fashion for doll makeup does not mean smoky eyes or dark shades of shadows. Light colors are used by almost all Korean celebrities to add a bit of childishness to the image.

Kissed lips effect. The usual trend for us for matte lipsticks in Korea has been replaced by tints. When choosing a shade, Korean women prefer more nude ones. The most relevant colors for Korean women can be called the abbreviation MLBB. It stands for My Lips But Better and translates into English as my lips, only better.

To create such an effect, it is enough to apply a tint to the middle of the lips and blend well.

False eyelashes. Asian women are not the owners of lush eyelashes. To make them thicker and curlier, they use overheads. If you are not a fan of artificial additives, look for mascara with the effect of volume - the traditional hit of the Korean make-up.

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Glowing skin. Korean women achieve the effect of radiance not only with the help of a highlighter, but also with the help of skin care products. Before makeup, it is recommended to make a moisturizing mask, add toner to your care and seal the result with cream. These stages give the skin a natural glow and a rested look. If you are used to using highlighter in your makeup, choose creamy textures.

Change not the cream, but the method of application: Korean top cosmetologist reveals the secrets of perfect skin

Step-by-step instruction

  • First you need to prepare the skin for applying makeup. Make your daily routine by adding more moisturizers. If you have age spots or blemishes, use concealer before applying foundation. Heavy foundation should be replaced with a cushion or BB cream, choosing a shade lighter than your own skin color. Blend the product with a sponge or a wide makeup brush. For a matte finish, dust your face with translucent powder.

  • If you want to replicate Korean makeup exactly, straighten your brows. To draw hairs, use shadows of a light brown shade. Fix the eyebrows with soap or eyebrow gel.

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  • Take your favorite nude shade and apply to the lid. Blend thoroughly. For a more festive look, add a dash of liquid glitter.

  • The arrows in Korean makeup are quite thin, and the tail of the arrow goes up a little. Cover your lashes with volumizing mascara or apply a few lashes of false lashes.

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  • All contouring of girls in Korea is limited to the use of blush and highlighter. Apply pink blush to the middle of the cheeks, blending thoroughly. Highlighter can be added to the cheekbones, the corners of the eyes and the hollow above the upper lip.

  • Replace matte lipstick with a liquid tint. Apply it to the middle of your lips and blot. To add radiance, complete the look with a glossy colorless gloss.




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