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Thanks to the foundation, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dark circles and even fine wrinkles are easily masked. Another thing is that you need to apply it correctly. Otherwise, you can get completely different effects, but you would not want to.

When using foundation, we want the face to be fresh, even and radiant. But not enough shading will create streaks, applying too much will make the face “heavy”, and improper skin care will not hide wrinkles and make noticeable dryness. How to make the foundation even out the skin, hiding aesthetic flaws, and at the same time be invisible?

Makeup artists advise when choosing a foundation, first of all, start from the type of skin. If you have oily skin, then it is better to use a product without oils, that is, water-based, or powder. If the skin is dry, then choose a liquid oily product or stick. And in the case of a combination of these two factors, it is better to give preference to a powder base and distribute it locally. Once you’ve found the right formula for you, follow these five tips to help you create the perfect skin.

1. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin

An important point: just as an artist starts a portrait with a blank canvas, you must first exfoliate and moisturize the skin well before taking on the foundation. Light peeling or gommage will remove dead cells, cleanse the pores and thereby even out the surface. At the same time, the moisturizer will maintain optimal hydration for healthy-looking skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and avoiding the flakiness that foundation can accentuate.

Only when you have achieved a smooth and well-moistened surface can you create a background on it that will glide well, spread evenly and look as natural as possible.

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2. Follow the order

To extend the life of your foundation, first apply makeup spray or primer. Let it absorb a little and only then start distributing the foundation. After that, you can modify the zones with concealer. Makeup artists explain that this three-step process should be done in that order: primer, foundation, and then concealer. This will allow not only to fix the base well, but also to use a smaller amount of it. You simply apply a little concealer to those places where the problems are most obvious (for example, under the eyes), and you do not need to focus on them, putting the same amount of tone all over the face, turninghim in a mask.

Once you’ve completed your concealer, apply some setting powder. It is not necessary to cover the entire face, the main thing is the area under the eyes and the T-zone.

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Mineral satin base Neutral Medium, Anaminerals

3. Don’t touch your nose!

Even those with a steady hand and a sharp eye cannot always apply evenly on the nose. Therefore, makeup artists recommend that when working with the foundation, avoid the nose area. You can only lightly work out the wings with concealer (if there are redness and other imperfections). By the way, a clean nose will additionally create an optical illusion that there is no foundation on the face.

4. The choice in favor of the cream

If you want to get a completely natural coverage, then it is better to give preference to a cream-based foundation. Such products cover the skin better, spread well and additionally have moisturizing properties. To blend the cream well, use a sponge, it will not leave streaks and perfectly absorb excess moisture.

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In the photo: Moisturizing BB cream for normal skin Hyaluronic aloe care 5 in 1, Garnier
Updated foundation All Matt Shine Control Make Up and Mattifying face primer The Mattifier Oil-Control Primer, Catrice

5. Apply fixative spray

Complete the work with tonal means by applying a fixing spray. Don’t skip this important step and don’t confuse it with setting powder. A setting spray is the very last step in the makeup application process and will set all of your makeup. And besides, the use of the spray during the day will help the foundation not to crumble, not to spread and not to roll, while maintaining the naturalness of the image.


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