The fashion for lipstick colors is actively changing: either deep wine shades turn out to be trendy, or more delicate, pinkish tones. But the changes may also apply to the methods of applying the beauty product itself.

Lip makeup allows you to experiment a lot: some choose a transparent gloss as a win-win option, others choose a shimmer or matte lipstick, while others limit themselves to a simple hygienic. Such an abundance of products opens up scope for creating a variety of images, and various techniques for applying lipsticks help in this.

It should be understood that far from always lip makeup involves a clear outline and painting them with a dense layer of lipstick. You can get a spectacular and even more seductive look with the help of another technique, which is called “film lips” on the Web. Despite the growing popularity of this technique among the stars, performing such a make-up will not be any problem.


As a rule, girls prefer to choose clear lines and bold colors for special situations, for everyday looks they are often in search of something more calm. However, not everyone wants to walk with “bare” lips, so makeup artist Kat James from Malibu strongly advises girls to take a closer look at the film lips.

This technique gained popularity after Kat posted a video on social networks, in which she tells subscribers how to create something similar on her lips. The girl explained the name of the technique by the fact that at one time she noticed such a make-up technique in the image of Keira Knightley from the movie Pride and Prejudice. James assures that such a casual effect of freshly kissed lips, which Knightley showed, will perfectly complement the image.

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The purpose of this technique is to achieve a weightless translucent coating that will not draw all the attention to itself and, as is often the case, become the brightest part of the makeup. Instead, James guarantees a natural shade, as if the girl had just used a lip scrub or a long kiss with her lover. But if in these cases, slight redness lasts for several minutes, then kino lips will achieve such an effect for the whole day.

Stills from video Kat James

In a video that has over two million views, Kat reveals that it only takes one product to create a kino-lip. The makeup artist opted for a rich red lipstick She raised the cry several times to her lips, not sliding over them, but simply imprinting them. Then the woman carefully shaded the resulting red “marks” with her finger, which made the coating as natural as possible.

Kat advised boldly choosing a shade that will be several tones darker than the natural color of the lips. She also recommended taking lipsticks with a matte finish, without sparkles and a glossy effect. At the same time, she stressed the importance of experimentation and the search for her ideal version of the film lips.

Makeup artists from all over the world quickly picked up the new trend and began to apply this technique in their work. In addition, kino lips are a fairly gentle technique that does not dry out lips, making it suitable for use in cold winter weather. It also allows you not to worry about the state of makeup after eating and not to run urgently to correct it.


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