This simple but effective make-up is already called the main trend of 2023. Makeup artists believe that this is the most simple and beautiful way to make eyes of any color even brighter, visually larger, while hiding signs of fatigue.

While we were learning how to make a “siren look” and draw “reverse arrows”, star makeup artists did not stop experimenting and looking for new ways to emphasize the dignity of their clients. So, the trend for “angel eyes” is gaining momentum – an imitation of angel wings on the eyelids. The key nuances of the image are long eyelashes, “airy” eyelids, pink lip gloss and a gentle blush.

To repeat all this, you can do without any rare special beauty products: just prepare white matte and cream shadows, white pencil, mascara and blush.

So, apply shadow on the entire surface of the upper eyelid from the lash line to the eyebrows. Lightly blend the coating until completely uniform. Then draw the upper lash line with a pencil: if it turns out to be too contrasting, you can blend it with a brush, cotton swab or sponge. After that, “highlight” the inner corner of the eye and the growth line of the lower eyelashes (approximately two-thirds of the length, closer to the center and inner corner).


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Apply matte shadows under the eyebrow to visually lift it and highlight the look. Plentifully and in several layers paint over the upper and lower eyelashes with black mascara.

For evening make-up, you can glue bunches of false eyelashes in the outer corners of the eyes.

“Applying eyeshadow should be done in broad sweeping strokes. Moreover, you can optionally use white ones – for example, sky blue or mint green will do. It is worth remembering that haze will always visually weight the eyelids. But in general, since it’s difficult to overdo it with shadows of light shades, in any case it should turn out harmoniously, ”star makeup artist Joy Adenuga shares life hacks.


In order to achieve the effect of youthful healthy skin, you will need a light moisturizing primer that will allow makeup to remain flawless until the evening. Highlight the apples of your cheeks with peach blush.

For lip makeup, it is worth choosing the most natural shades, but it is better to use only a transparent gloss.

As a guide, you can take photos of Ariana Grande or Dua Lipa – the singers love to experiment and urge fans not to be afraid to follow their example. So, the makeup artists working with them recommend adding a little glitter over the white shadows for a more festive and bright look.


“White shadows look perfect on girls with a cold color appearance and fair skin. On skin with warm undertones – both fair and dark – they do not always look good. In this case, sequins, shining shadows or glitter come to the rescue. If you apply them in a thin layer, then the image will definitely not look catchy, ”recommends Joy Adenuga.


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