How to make homemade wine from cherries: 4 easy recipes

How to make homemade wine from cherries: 4 simple recipes

Pies, casserole, pancakes and dumplings – all this has become boring, and you want something more interesting? We offer 4 recipes for homemade cherry wine! It has a very soft and expressive taste, which is slightly reminiscent of compote or jam. This wine delights even those who do not like the classic grape. So try it for sure!

1. Classic pitted cherry wine

Pitted cherry wine - homemade recipe

You don’t need anything but a berry, water, sugar and a drop of patience!

You will need: 3 kg cherries, 3 liters of water, 1 kg of sugar.

1. Sort the berry from debris and leaves, but do not rinse to keep the so-called “wild yeast” on the skin;
2. Grind cherries by hand – so you do not have to disassemble it from the seeds;
3. Transfer the berry to an enamel container, add 400 g of sugar and fill with water;
4. Tighten the workpiece with gauze and put it in heat for 4 days, stirring 3 times a day with a wooden spoon;
5. Strain the workpiece, squeeze the cherry pomace and rinse about a quarter of the seeds (the rest can be thrown away);
6. Pour the liquid into glass jars by about 2/3, add the bones and another 200 g of pre-dissolved sugar;
7. If there is no special water seal, cover the jars with latex gloves with a hole in one finger and put them in a dark place;
8. After 5 days, add another 200 g of sugar and remove the bones;
9. After another 6 days, strain the workpiece and add the last 200 g of sugar;
10. After 10 days, replace the glove with a regular lid and put the jars in a warm place for 30 days until the wine matures.

2. Homemade Pitted Cherry Wine

Pitted homemade cherry wine - recipe how to make

You can even use frozen cherries for this homemade wine recipe!

You will need: 6 kg cherries, 3 kg sugar, 8 liters of water.

1. Heat water in an enameled container to about 30 degrees, add cherries and 1 kg of sugar to it;
2. Close the container with gauze and put it in a warm dark place for 4 days, but be sure to stir 2-3 times a day;
3. Strain the workpiece through a fine sieve or the same gauze in several layers, remove the cake;
4. Add another 1 kg of sugar, mix well and pour the future wine into glass jars;
5. Put on latex gloves with a perforated finger on top and put them back for 5 days;
6. Add 500 g of sugar, stir and remove the jars again for 5 days, and repeat the procedure again;
7. After that, you can take the wine to the final fermentation, which takes 1-2 months until the sediment stops.

3. Homemade cherry wine without water

Homemade cherry wine without water - recipe how to make

The taste is as concentrated as possible, but the wine will be strong!

You will need: 10 kg of cherries, 5 kg of sugar.

1. Go through the cherry, but not mine and do not take out the seeds;
2. Put it in jars or bottles in layers, sprinkling each layer with sugar;
3. Close the lid, put it in a cool place and safely leave it there for 1.5-2 months, stirring occasionally;
4. At the end, strain everything through a sieve, and squeeze the cake with gauze, pour the wine into bottles – and you’re done!

4. Homemade cherry compote wine

Homemade cherry compote wine - recipe how to make

If you just have nowhere to put a few liters of cherry compote – we have found a solution!

You will need: 6 liters of compote, 400 g of sugar, a handful of raisins.

1. Put the compote in a glass jar in a warm place for 2-3 days;
2. Add a handful of unwashed raisins and sugar to it, cover the jar with a latex glove with a hole in the finger;
3. Remove the container in heat until the end of fermentation. Approximately 1 to 2 months until precipitation stops;
4. Pour the wine into bottles and keep it in the refrigerator for a couple more months.

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