How to make eyelashes so that they are long and lush

Every girl dreams of beautiful eyelashes, so they are given special attention when creating makeup. There are many ways to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller. But in the end, not all of them will be effective.

Determining the structure of eyelashes

You can make up your eyelashes so that they are long and lush at home with ordinary mascara, if you know their structure. Selection of cosmetics depending on the type of hairs:

Eyelash structures
  1. Soft. To evenly apply mascara to soft eyelashes, you need to use a stiff brush. She will separate every hair;
  2. Rigid. For this type, liquid mascara is suitable. It will evenly cover all the cilia, without gluing them together;
  3. Rare. Liquid composition for sparse eyelashes is not suitable. You can lengthen them and make them lush with thick mascara, which will fill the empty space between the hairs.

Owners of lush eyelashes can use any composition, but if you apply mascara to increase volume, the look will become even more expressive.

What should be ink

Only with the right selection of mascara will it be possible to make up the eyelashes so that they are long and lush. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the expiration date.

What should be ink

Mascara must be of high quality, the right consistency, and have a suitable brush.

Best before date

Do not buy cosmetics with broken packaging. If it is not hermetically sealed, then the composition will begin to dry, and they will not be able to make up.


To create lush eyelashes, you need to use mascara without lumps and seals. You can determine the quality of cosmetics by consistency. It should be like a cream.


A high-quality product has good adhesive properties; when applied, it evenly falls on the hairs. If the mascara crumbles quickly, then it is bad.

Color and brush

The color scheme is selected in accordance with the overall makeup. With the right selection, the girl’s look will become more expressive. The brush provides an even distribution of the composition along the hairs and their separation, so special attention must be paid to it. It is better to give preference to a silicone product with a short nap. The shorter the bristles, the less mascara it will take and spread evenly through the hairs.

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