How to get different mascara effects with just one brush

When applying mascara to eyelashes, you can get different effects. Knowing the basics of eye makeup, with the help of one brush, images are created that will be unlike each other.

Fashion trend in makeup – naturalness

Natural eyelashes are a technique with which you can give the look brightness and confidence.

This trend will suit a different eye shape and face type. One of the ways to apply mascara for a natural effect:

  1. The brush is held exactly horizontally, held up, staining the eyelashes evenly. It is important to start moving right from the base. This is necessary so that the carcass layer is thick at the roots, and becomes light and thin towards the end.
  2. Next, the brush is tilted 45 degrees so that it is located with the tip up at the outer edge of the eye. After that, a gentle upward movement is made, strong at the base and light at the ends.
  3. Then, at the same angle, the brush is placed at the inner corner of the eye, while the tip should be directed towards the nose. From this position, upward movements along the growth of eyelashes are also performed.

Each girl can paint eyelashes with one brush in different ways, the main thing is to know the techniques.

Natural makeup is very easy to perform, the main rule is that all movements must be performed clearly, without using many layers of mascara.

open look

Using one mascara, you can create different effects that will help visually correct the shape of the eyes and make their appearance more original.

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