How to discreetly read a message and other VK life hacks (checked – they work)


The social network VKontakte does not stand still and is developing rapidly. To keep up with all the updates, you need to be aware of life hacks and simple tricks that make using the site much easier.

Silently read the message

There are situations when you need to read the message, but do not want to open a dialogue. In order to open the correspondence unnoticed by the interlocutor, you need to write the name of the friend who sent the messages in the search bar in the dialog box, and then click the “search in correspondence” button. This way you will see sent messages without opening them.

Read deleted message

In order to read accidentally deleted messages, you need to check your notification settings. In the field “send to e-mail” there is a function “send private messages”. If there is a check mark next to this item, then all incoming messages will be automatically duplicated to e-mail.

Transfer music from VK to Telegram

Not everyone wants to buy a subscription to music in VK, so they use a rather convenient bot that helps to transfer audio recordings to Telegram. To do this, go to the group chat VK2TG Audio Bot and write in private messages “Start”. Then proceed according to the instructions. For the bot to work correctly, make sure that the latest version of Telegram is installed on your computer.

Send a message to yourself

Sometimes you want to bookmark important messages or reposts, but this can not always be done comfortably. The most convenient and fastest way is to send messages to yourself. Finding a dialogue with yourself is easy: in the search bar, enter your own first and last name, as on the page in VK. Follow the link and you will have a chat with yourself.

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