How to cook meat soft and juicy – 15 culinary tricks

How to cook meat soft and juicy: 15 tricks you might not know about

Tired of eating bland chicken breasts and over-dried steaks? Do you want to try a new approach to creating main dishes and reach a higher level of culinary skills? We will show you how to cook meat soft and juicy, and our culinary tips will make you feel like a first-class chef in the kitchen and a real gourmet!

Culinary tricks on how to cook delicious meat

1. Choose fresh and soft pieces of meat with a soft pink or pale red color. Avoid brown or colored steaks marinated in colored spices – most likely they have been on the shelves for a long time and will be tough no matter how you cook them. Choose fillets without a lot of coarse ligaments and veins.

2. Defrost meat at room temperature without soaking in liquid. Only chicken fillets can be washed well with cold water.

3. A great option is a syringe. It is better to buy a special culinary tool, but in extreme cases, a regular medical syringe is also suitable. Fill it with boiled pepper water and squeeze the contents into the steak around the entire perimeter from different sides.

4. When adding additional ingredients (onions and other vegetables, seasonings, thick marinades, sauces) to raw minced meat, fillets or portioned pieces, mix the mixture with your hands, kneading the meat well, like dough. So it is better saturated with the taste and juice of auxiliary products and becomes more tender.

5. Marinate the meat in a plastic bag or cling film, trying to completely get rid of the air in the resulting bundles.

How to cook meat soft and juicy

6. Try different marinades before the main cooking. One of the most delicious is protein. Salt the meat, add a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce (per 500 g), a few pinches of white pepper and starch, one egg. Mix well and leave to marinate for 30 minutes.

7. Dip the steak in any fizzy drink for 10 minutes. Coca-Cola or Sprite are better. You can also try soaking the meat in lemonade, but you’ll have to leave it in the solution for a few hours for the full effect.

8. Do not spare the frying oil, it should completely cover the bottom of the pan, reaching the middle of the height of the meat pieces. Excess fat is best then removed with paper towels.

9. The pan should be well heated. Cook the meat with the lid on, making sure the frying surface does not dry out.

10. During frying, do not overcook the meat, otherwise it will become dry and acquire an unpleasant color. Turn off the heat as soon as the red tints disappear on the surface of the product, if these are small pieces. Chops and larger dishes fry until the spatula begins to gently push through the meat, releasing the juice and marinade liquid without blood.

How to cook meat soft and juicy

11. When cooking, dip the meat in boiling water, adding half a teaspoon of sugar. Don’t let the water boil and boil too much.

12. If you cook meat on skewers or skewers, moisten the tools in water and leave a distance of at least 2 cm between the pieces so that the hot air is then evenly distributed on all sides. This way you avoid the effect of dry edges and raw core.

13. When preparing a dish in the oven, put citrus slices between the slices or on top of the steak. Their acid will soften the meat, and the nectar will make the finished dish more juicy.

14. Before baking, pour a small amount of water on a baking sheet, and on large pieces of meat, make small cuts (no more than 4 mm deep) in the form of a mesh.

15. Salt meat dishes just before serving, or at least immediately after the final heat treatment. So this spice will not take a lot of moisture and will not interrupt the taste of other seasonings.

How to cook meat soft and juicy

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