How to care for eyelash extensions: instructions from

Every second representative of the fair sex at least once in her life underwent such a cosmetic procedure as eyelash extensions. In order for the effect of the procedure to be preserved for a long period and the money was not spent in vain, special care is required for extended cilia.

Eyelash care after the procedure

After such a process as building up artificial hairs in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe cilia is completed, recommendations should be issued from the master on further actions. Violating them is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the specialist is not responsible for the fact that some cilia fell out or lost their attractive appearance.

  1. It is necessary to exclude even the slightest mechanical effects on the eyes. You can not rub them, press on the surface or even pick the hairs.
  2. It is worth limiting the use of oily cosmetics intended for skin care on the eyelids. Such activities will lead to the fact that the quality of the used glue will decrease. These products include a number of cleansing preparations and oils that moisturize the skin. The latter can be both cosmetic and herbal.
  3. Limit the use of waterproof mascara or eyeliner with an oil base. The effect will be exactly the same as in the previous paragraph.
  4. Do not use wet wipes, cotton pads when removing makeup. It is better to give preference to soft sparing foams.
  5. You can not do an independent removal of artificial hairs. Lack of skills in working with such material can cause harm to natural vegetation.
  6. It is not recommended to use additional false eyelashes to increase volume.

In general, such restrictions are the most commonplace. However, not all the fair sex is in a hurry to comply with them. Violation of the recommendation helps to reduce the shelf life of the glue on which the hairs are glued and to their premature loss.

How to care for eyelash extensions at home

It is necessary to take care of the extended eyelashes as correctly as possible, and for this you need to understand what self-discipline is. It will help to significantly extend the period of wear of the hairs, which in some cases can increase it up to two times. Professional experts from the beauty industry have the idea that women are a little willing to follow the advice, but only they will help you fully enjoy the density and sexuality of chic cilia.

  1. Even during the build-up and immediately after the end of the session, you can not wet your eyes for 3 hours. Otherwise, all the work will go down the drain and the hairs will simply peel off. It will not play a role here, how high-quality the solution will be, which the master works with.
  2. The less often a woman touches her eyelashes with her hands, as well as with products such as handkerchiefs, napkins or a towel, the longer they will retain their attractiveness.
  3. It is forbidden to try to tear off the hairs with your hands or tweezers. Some ladies try to do this in order to correct the vegetation, to move it away, direct it in the other direction, or even at all, in order to check the strength of the fastening. They are fixed on the root of natural eyelashes, respectively, if you pull them, you can pull out both hairs at once.
  4. In the early days, you will need to sleep on your back. Initially, it can be overly uncomfortable, but as they say, beauty requires sacrifice. So you can keep the cilia intact and safe, eliminating premature deformation and the appearance of broken tips.
  5. Very often the question arises that is it possible to dye artificial hairs with mascara? Actually, this is possible. It is enough to use non-waterproof cosmetics, and when removing, it is recommended to use non-greasy solutions. In general, such events can be considered pointless, since extensions are just done in order to eliminate the need to apply even a minimal amount of makeup. You can forget about decorative cosmetics if you increase eyelashes with the effect of 2-3D.
  6. There are no restrictions on the use of shadows and liners. However! You need to remember one simple rule – it is important to choose the right makeup remover as correctly as possible. It, again, should not be too oily or water resistant. During application, do not touch the roots near the cilia and the cilia themselves. All arrows can be removed with a cotton swab.
  7. If there is a desire to use a number of care products for the eye area that help eliminate wrinkles, bags under the eyes, circles, puffiness, then they buy cosmetics that do not contain fatty components. When the question arises of whether to deal with imperfections or to have beautiful eyelashes, the choice will be only for the woman herself. All of these substances can destroy the adhesive, which means that the eyelashes can simply fall out.
  8. In the early days, direct contact with hot water should be avoided. Do not point a direct jet of water at your face.
  9. It is forbidden to use aggressive products aimed at removing impurities from the pores and skin sebum. It is better to choose more gentle and natural designs.
  • It is forbidden to use devices that curl cilia. We are talking about special tweezers. They will break off or melt the artificial material. There is simply no need in such a process, since you can immediately select hairs with a specific degree of curling.
  • You should not visit places such as a sauna or a bath, and also limit diving into sea waves. All of them will be banned for three days.

Eyeglass wearers may experience hair breakage when in contact with the glasses. There can be only one way out – you need to discuss the length of the cilia with the master in advance. Those who cannot do without contact lenses can make extensions of any length. However, regular donning and doffing of lenses can shorten the life of artificial vegetation. The glue will gradually weaken and fall out will begin much earlier than it should.

Mistakes when caring for eyelash extensions

Care tips should be used by every woman of the fair sex. This will help her to be and remain beautiful for a long time, without the need for a correction procedure. It is worth noting that everyone can take care of eyelash extensions, but you need to avoid the classic mistakes that beginners make.

Constant touches

Probably, everyone will remember that parents in childhood asked not to rub that part of the body that hurts a lot. For example: not three eyes, it will be even more red, or vice versa, it will hurt more. Many will be surprised at this, but it is precisely such a statement that works not only in childhood, but also in adulthood. In particular, we are talking about extended cilia. Excessive touches will break the beauty created by the master.

Using a special tool

Even sparing cosmetic …

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