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Charging will help to be optimistic and cheerful in the morning! Anastasia Yurkova, master trainer of XFIT group programs in Russiaspecially for showed exercises that will charge you for the whole day.

“Exercising for the body is a daily hygiene procedure for your musculoskeletal system,” says Anastasia Yurkova. – A simple set of exercises in the morning helps to activate blood circulation in the muscles and maintain healthy joint mobility, has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system, improving concentration, performance and high energy levels.

At the same time, one should not confuse morning training (jogging, cardio, strength exercises) and exercises. If you train in the morning, then exercises are a warm-up before training, consisting of simple exercises, aimed primarily at improving mobility. If you are not an avid athlete, then just by doing such exercises daily, in a week you can feel their beneficial effects.

1) Stretch forward steps

Starting position standing, with an inhalation, take a step forward with your right foot and stretch your arms up, with an exhalation, return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. 20 repetitions.

2) Steps to the side

Starting position standing, feet hip-width apart, with inhalation, step your right foot crosswise forward and stretch your left hand through the side up, with an exhalation, return to the starting position and perform in the other direction. 20 repetitions

3) Rotation

Starting position standing, feet slightly wider than shoulders. Turn your feet to the right, rotating the body and arms, through the center in one motion turn to the left. Perform the movement in relaxation, stretching up behind the crown, exhaling as you rotate. 20 repetitions.

4) Squat

Starting position standing, feet hip-width apart. Do a squat and stretch your hands to your feet, with a breath rise from the squat, take your hands up through the sides. Exhale as you return to the squat position. 20 repetitions.

Important recommendation from Anastasia: “Perform all exercises without extra effort, relaxed, at a good pace, paying attention to breathing. If at first breathing becomes difficult, shortness of breath will occur, do the exercises at a comfortable pace, breathing as comfortably as possible. Gradually, as you get used to the movement, add breathing, because it is also a tool for working with the normalization of pressure, it helps to turn on the core muscles and synchronize the work of the upper and lower parts of the body.

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