How is the eyelash extension process

Modern women increasingly prefer extended eyelashes. It’s beautiful, comfortable and practical. However, the process of eyelash extension has its own characteristics and contraindications.

Step by step instructions for the procedure

Before the procedure, the master discusses with the client the volume and size of eyelashes. As a rule, cilia are used with a length of 6-14 millimeters, a thickness of 0.05-0.25.

Popular types of volume are:

  • Classic or so-called classic, classic. For 1 natural add one artificial;
  • 2d – respectively two;
  • 3d – three:
  • 6d – six.
Contraindications for eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are done in stages, in a certain sequence:

  1. Training. Pre-remove eye makeup, the skin on the eyelids and the cilia themselves are degreased with a special composition;
  2. The lower eyelashes are fixed with biostrips;
  3. Attach artificial hairs to natural ones using tweezers with special glue;
  4. Remove biostrips.

After completing all the steps, the lashmaker gently straightens and combs the eyelashes.


The average procedure time is 1.5-3 hours. Duration depends on the type of work:

  • If only the corners of the eyes are increased, the process takes from 50 to 80 minutes;
  • A full extension of the classic type can last up to 2 hours;
  • 2d – up to 2.5 hours;
  • 3d – 3 hours.

The larger the volume, the longer the extension process takes. A lot also depends on the craftsman and the quality of the materials.

What not to do before the procedure

Swimming, sunbathing – all this can not be done before eyelash extensions. But there are other conditions as well. Therefore, before recording, you need to prepare:

  • Do not use mascara and curling iron on the day of extensions;
  • Remove contact lenses, if using;
  • At least a day before, refuse to visit the pool and solarium.

Otherwise, there are no special restrictions.

What is forbidden after it

After eyelash extensions, you can not do the following:

  • Wash and cry on the first day. This can be harmful as the glue has not had time to dry completely;
  • Visit the pool, bath or sauna during the week;
  • Touch your eyelashes and rub your face with a towel;
  • Apply inhalations and any steaming procedures in the first three days.
Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

These prohibitions help to avoid harm to newly extended eyelashes and minimize the need for an early correction.

Features of care after building

After the building process is completed, the master, as a rule, provides a memo with care tips, which describes the necessary steps step by step. After all, in order for the effect of beautiful eyelashes to last at least a month, you need to properly care for them:

  • Don’t use mascara;
  • Do not sleep with your face buried in a pillow;
  • Try to touch your eyes as little as possible;
  • Do not curl artificial eyelashes;
  • Use a special brush for combing;
  • Wash your face carefully;
  • Prefer water-based cosmetics, avoid greasy textures.

This will increase the lifespan of your eyelashes.

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