How I refused foundation and why I won’t return to it again: the experience of a beauty editor


Today, girls, I will tell you a story about getting rid of a real addiction. From toner. Many suffer from it, so I decided to share my experience, which turned out to be incredibly successful. Moreover, it has become the best beauty solution in my life.

How it all started

Around the age of 15, my skin started a riot. She became so fat that even a Christmas goose seemed like a biscuit in comparison! Of course, on such bounties from the sebaceous glands, pimples immediately “ran” and settled on my young and completely stunned face.

Unfortunately, this happened at a time when there was no proper culture of skin care (apricot bone scrub does not count), but there were foundations. Dense, opaque. They perfectly blocked acne and oxygen to the skin. Of course, acne flourished from such a disgrace, and the tone was used more and more often. The circle closed, and I remained in it to circulate for 10 years!

Crucial moment

I gave birth to a daughter. And during this period, it’s not just to apply a foundation – it would be time to brush your teeth! And then I didn’t want this sweet crown to rub against my smeared face. And not smeared, of course, it looked deplorable. Therefore, before my husband returned from work, in order not to injure his psyche, I masked the ugly rashes with concealer (although, by the way, there were not so many of them).

After some time, when the baby was already giving me something to do, I began to study beauty science. My instinct told me that at the age of 25 there should be no acne and something should already be invented to fight the wicked. And so it turned out. Peelings, acid cleansers, professional creams burst into my life. And the pimples are gone…

And again on the rake

When my daughter turned 3 years old and she went to the garden (there is also a story about this, by the way), I, so clean and radiant, returned to work and in a big make-up! I bought a ton of cosmetics and the first, of course, put the coolest foundation in the basket! To look perfectly even, the more the outcome is so good! A week later, pimples epicly returned and took their positions.

I will not say how many foundations (luxury ones!) I went through and how much money I bled. I can only say that history has always repeated itself: I put in order the skin with enhanced measures, I start to apply the tone again and … a fairy tale about a white bull, in short. Then it dawned on me that the foundation just needed to be deleted from the script.


It was very hard psychologically. After all, with modern foundations, I have already learned how sleek and chic you can make your skin visually. And then, with age, somewhere the capillary got out, redness appeared somewhere … I really wanted to “roll” all this under the cream.

Beauty bloggers were also haunted, teasing with video tutorials with complex make-ups. Makeup is my passion!

But all this was redeemed by a long “pimple-free” period.

Of course, I did not refuse the make-up. But when working with the skin, I used only the concealer pointwise and applied powder on top.

What is the result

And in the end, I’m 40, and my skin is now in better condition than when I was 25! No, of course, it’s not just because I stopped using tone. The main success factor is competent regular care. But as far as acne is concerned, the toner certainly played a decisive role here.

By the way, I didn’t cut him out of my life for good! For large-scale events where a powerful evening make-up is required, or for a photo session, of course, there is no way without it. But always for one such evening, I then pay with 1-2 acne. Stable.

In all other situations, concealer and powder are the only things I use for toning. And very often I get questions (even from cool makeup artists) what kind of foundation you have – the skin looks so natural and cool!

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