Glitter for eyelids is a beauty trend 2023: how to use it to create a wonderful look


Just one jar of eye glitter can take makeup to the next level. Ready to turn on the glow to the fullest? Let’s find out how to tame the most sparkly sequins in the beauty world. Spoiler: it’s extremely simple. See for yourself!

What are glitters?

Glitters for eyes come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Curly sequins will perfectly fit into a fantasy or studio make-up, and neon ones will be noticeable even at the darkest party. Hue can be combined with shadows or, conversely, played in contrast.

According to the format, the products are water-based, silicone-based and crumbly. On silicone, the sparkles lie more densely, they can be distributed over the face for a long time – they will not seize. But those on the water are much easier to use. They are easy to draw arrows, create a graphic make-up or loosely spread over the entire face or body. Loose glitter requires a sticky base and a little more skill.

In a separate category, you can take out a glitter eyeliner, reminiscent of cream shadows in a stick.

And how to use glitter for the eyes correctly? Move on!

How to apply glitter correctly

makeup with glitter

So that crumbly sparkles do not appear under the eyes in a minute, they need a sticky substrate. And the concealer won’t do it. It is better to use special glue or, in extreme cases, lip gloss.

Water-based or silicone-based eye glitters are no problem – just apply the product on bare skin over eye shadow or even lipstick. For fidelity, you can use a fixing spray so that the shining particles stay in place longer.

The product is applied with fingers or a brush. To prevent glitter from remaining where it is not needed, you can cover the lower eyelids with napkins when doing makeup with glitter.

How to use glitter in eye makeup

Do you still think that glitter makeup is the wrong match? Yes, sparkles are more often used to create evening looks, but you can also add a drop of delicate radiance to your everyday make-up. We have 5 stylish ideas on how to do it.

Glitter all over

glitter all over the lid

Are you going to a party? So, boring shadows can be replaced with bright glitter for the eyes. Spread it over the entire moving eyelid, stretching from the inner corner to the outer.

In such makeup, it is better to use small sparkles – they feel much more comfortable (a glitter eye pencil is perfect). The image will become even brighter and more saturated if you apply the product on colored shadows that are similar in shade.

Glitter in the outer corners of the eyes

glitter in the outer corners of the eyes

To diversify nude makeup is simple: add a drop of radiance to the outer corners of the eyes. Here you can use both large and small glitter for the eyelids. Curly sequins will also look great. Fantasy can’t be stopped!

Are you planning to be daring today? Then stretch the bright particles from the outer eyelid to the temples. This technique will make the focus on the eyes even more noticeable.

Glitter on the arrow

arrows with glitter

If you want the fastest glitter makeup, just apply glitter on top of an already prepared arrow – graphic or feathered. This technique will make the eye make-up more dramatic and expressive.

To emphasize the arrow, it is better to use a gel-based product.

Glitter on the lower eyelid

glitter on lower lids

To add a shimmery zest to your usual makeup, highlight the lower eyelids with glitter. Bright and unusual. The use of primer and fixative is a must. Otherwise, the sparkles will quickly slide onto the cheekbones, or even “scatter” all over the face.

If you choose this particular technique, then the make-up as a whole should be discreet. Glitter for the eyes is already a very bright accent, it will be enough. Red lipstick, dark shadows and thick arrows can overload the look.

Glitter instead of highlighter

Glitter instead of highlighter

This product can be applied not only on the eyelids. Try another trick: add some sparkle to the outer edges of the eyes. Apply gloss near the point where the lower lash line ends and stretch towards the temple. Almost a highlighter, only brighter.

In such makeup, it is more convenient to use gel-based eye glitter. The image turns out to be gentle, so for harmony, try not to overload the make-up with other bright accents.

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