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Read a column by stylist and fashion influencer Elvira Yankovskaya on how to wear translucent fabrics in any season to make it look stylish, not vulgar, and why “naked” looks are the new black today.

Today, translucent things claim to take the place of the basic wardrobe with black. And transparency adds mystery and relaxation. Dresses, skirts and blouses made of chiffon and other light fabrics do not hold their shape, but flow, flow and float in a light cloud.

How to wear a “naked” trend

Blouses and shirts made of thin fabrics or with slits are appropriate for almost any occasion. If you have chosen a “naked” thing for work, the main thing is to balance the image with careless severity. Wear dress or wide leg trousers or a pencil skirt, or hide your shirt under a dress or oversized suit.

Photo: personal archive of Elvira Yankovskaya

For evening outings and walks, you can afford more: under a transparent blouse, for example, wear a crop top or a trendy bra. This is a bomb!

Cutouts and slits fit perfectly into warm knit dresses for cold weather (look for the best options Here), turtlenecks and chunky knit sweaters with bare shoulders.

Relaxed winter chic with access to the body – plus 500 to fashion karma!

A rare evening dress will do without a neckline, flowing chiffon or lace details. And for holiday outings, you have a legitimate reason to allow yourself to open up a bit. No, no, everything is within the bounds of decency! If you don’t like deliberate frankness, you can get by with sheer fabric inserts or a geometric cutout on the shoulder. So you will feel comfortable and appropriate for the occasion, but at the same time in trend.

Skirts and casual dresses will also help show your freedom and naturalness. A thin cotton shirt dress, a jacket on top, high boots and a belt – an image that is 100% on trend. A floor-length dress with a thigh slit is no longer a vulgarity from the 2000s. Now it is the usual fashion. Even underwear barely hidden behind a dress is perfectly acceptable today. Remember that a woman in this way feels more feminine and liberated.

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Is it possible to combine cutouts and transparency? Quite. To the rescue – the grunge style that has not lost its relevance for several years now. Mix your provocations, balancing on the brink of a foul. Layered organza dress paired with a leather jacket, Dr. Martens, with a hat and metal axes breaks all patterns and looks stylish.

Bare trend prohibitions

Cutouts and translucent fabrics are sexy and attractive in themselves, so do not overload the image with bright elegant jewelry and accessories. Balance the look with rough or inconspicuous shoes, a calm bag, light natural makeup or a messy hairstyle. This is quite enough.

Why the naked trend is the new black

We are used to hiding behind the black color and hiding behind it our inability to understand fashion. The simplest and most advantageous is to wear black. This is how our grandmothers, mothers and older sisters solved complex fashion problems. But what about us? We live in a different age, when hiding and sitting in a corner is not comme il faut. The world has developed to a level where everyone has a place under the sun. So let’s show ourselves. In the literal and figurative sense. The naked look can be worn delicately if you so choose, quietly writing it into your style story next to black things.

Text: Elvira Yankovskaya

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