Gastronomic digest: Shakshuka with octopus, Asian fusion and a pet-friendly restaurant.

In the gastronomic digest, special correspondent Diana Shishkovskaya studies the restaurant map of Moscow and Russia, talks about the openings of the month, a special menu from chefs.

Cult breakfasts from Bistro Saviv are now in Moscow!

The famous Saviv breakfasts by Antonio Freza have also appeared in Moscow – now in the mornings in the new restaurant on Petrovka you can try the traditional Israeli scrambled eggs shakshuka – classic or with octopus, eggs Benedict on challah with red caviar, homemade ricotta casserole with fruits and custard, as well as The establishment’s absolute bestsellers are pita croque madam and the famous French toast with halva ice cream.

Freshly baked Israeli bread – Jerusalem bagel, ruddy challah and pita – also creates a special mood at breakfasts at Saviv.

Even in Saviv, you should try fragrant Israeli babka muffins – made from rich dough soaked in chocolate paste. This pastry is often taken with you, try it – you can’t resist either.

The menu includes the popular avocado hummus, croissants with ricotta and cherries, burecas (savory puff pastry) with spinach, black truffle fried eggs, and a mango smoothie bowl – you can see for yourself that Saviv’s St. Petersburg breakfasts are not in vain twice were named the best in the city according to the magazine “Sobaka” and entered the list of winners of the BreakFest festival.

Breakfasts at Saviv on Petrovka are offered every morning on weekdays from 9:00 to 16:00, and on weekends from 10:00 to 16:00.

Petrovka, 30/7


Wine at Strelka: the choice of Daria Yastrubitskaya

A new wine offer has been launched at the Strelka bar — this time the list of favorites is shared by Daria Yastrubitskaya, a DJ, host of Silver Rain and an old friend of Strelka. From the stocks of sommelier Alexei Kashin, she chose light, bright and fresh wines that are pleasant to drink on any day of the week at dinner or on weekends at brunch, even in late autumn.

“This set was refreshing and somewhat controversial, looking at the season, but very about me. I like white dry and sparkling wines, vinho verde — I wanted to collect drinkable wines for dinners, parties and brunches, suitable for Strelka’s voluminous main menu. By the glass – a blanket, I really like its fruitiness: peach, apricot, plus floral aromas. Vinho Verde, after a solo trip to Portugal, is also among the most favorite.

There is a cool Catalan cava in bottles (where without it), taking a bottle of this for a company is always a good idea. The pearl of the set is Cerdon, a fantastic sweet rosé for the evening, revealing itself in a new way with every sip. This is my favorite position here, which caused a lot of emotions. The list is completed by an elegant rose from Provence. By the way, the set is very beautiful: I like how all the selected bottles look.”

Bersenevskaya emb., 14/5


Tastes of late autumn at Memo restaurant

November days are an overture before the start of winter, so the Memo restaurant decided to dedicate two Fridays to gastronomic colors and color of late autumn.

Friday night is an opportunity to start the weekend beautifully and create a weekend mood, and also a chance to make a small and pleasant gastronomic discovery.

On November 25, Memo will prepare dishes from the gifts of the forest. The special Friday menu includes wild mushroom tartare (520 r), salad with venison and persimmon (590 r) and smoked white fish with celery and fennel cream (590 r). For each of the three positions, the sommelier will offer wine accompaniment.

St. Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya, 23


Japanese stories and European technologies: the new season of the Chang restaurant

The new season at the restaurant of modern Asian cuisine Chang is a new facet of Asian gastronomy in the author’s reading of the chef of the project Denis Prokhorov. This season, the inspiring gastronomic cruise makes a stop in Japan, while Denis plays with the recipes and traditions, tastes and textures of the gastronomy of the Land of the Rising Sun. Asian fusion performed by the chef is European technologies, non-banal combinations of ingredients from Asia and Europe and the author’s interpretation of Asian stories in a European manner.

The updated menu includes kushiyaki, which is made from beef tongue, and traditional miso soup with salmon. The menu has also been replenished with an even richer and more satisfying bowl of ramen with pork, and a gastronomic constructor has been arranged in the appetizers section: for 990 rubles you can order any five appetizers from the new assortment. The choice is tempting: steamed smashed cashews and edamame beans; olives and pineapple kimchi; cherry tomatoes kimchi and edamame beans in chili bean sauce; tree mushrooms shiitake kimchi and pickled radish.

The sushi bar has put together a set that promises to be a hit: Murmansk salmon, Far Eastern scallop, king crab, Chinese eel and red caviar in cucumber with creamy horseradish mousse. Another candidate for gastronomic leaders is the crab-salmon roll with strawberries and mango.

On a traditional Japanese robata grill, Denis browns a juicy rack of lamb and striploin steak, and serves beef cheeks on mashed potatoes with wasabi and white pepper. The hit of this season is a luxurious assortment of seafood delicacies with three dressings: Japanese, Thai and Asian. In addition, Chang continues to develop the Indian theme. Among the new products is the traditional Indian flatbread paratha with edamame bean hummus.

For dessert – an Asian author’s twist on the popular pavlova dessert. This season at Chang, Pavlova is tropical: the lightest crispy meringue with lime cream is served with coconut sago, mango-passion fruit sorbet and fresh mango. An alternative is a fluffy chocolate cake with author’s white chocolate sauce with yuzu and homemade nikiri ice cream.

St. Petersburg, Moskovsky pr., 186


Salt Restaurant: stylish, tasty and pet-friendly

The Asian restaurant Salt is located in the very heart of Moscow. Sol is an atmospheric pan-Asian restaurant on the site of a former tenement house of a merchant community on the corner of Solyanka and Zabelin.

The restaurant occupies a two-level space with large panoramic windows, a long bar counter, live plants in pots and works by contemporary artists on the walls.

You can sit at tables on both floors or in a separate room with a large table for the company.

The menu includes the best dishes of Pan-Asian cuisine in traditional and author’s performance. The cuisine at the Sol restaurant is led by brand chef Maxim Kuleshov. Every day, meat is prepared on tepan here, and in the RAW bar you can order sushi, rolls and sashimi, there are author’s versions with seared salmon, crab and orange.

The bar menu offers interesting cocktails and other drinks of different strengths from India, Japan and other countries. There is a brunch menu in the morning, and a lunch menu on weekdays

Salt Restaurant on Solyanka Street is a beautiful and peaceful place for a pleasant and relaxed holiday. Here you can have lunch, meet friends and get together with the whole family, especially since the place works in a pet-friendly format, and you can always come here even with your four-legged friends and get a dessert for…

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