Gastronomic digest: Russian fairy tale on Nikolskaya, dessert-bear and watermelon-melon menu.

In the gastronomic digest, special correspondent Diana Shishkovskaya studies the restaurant map of Moscow and talks about the openings of the month, a special menu from chefs.

New restaurant partner of the GES-2 House of Culture

Since June 26, all gastronomic points located in the GES-2 House of Culture have been transferred to the management of the restaurant holding gt. Galaktion and Elina Tabidze (other projects: Lila, Insider, Valiko, Atelier de Tartelettes, Vani, etc.). Initially, all outlets will open in the already existing GES-2 formats, and in September each of them will acquire an individual corporate concept gt.

Regis Trigel is the brand chef of all spaces. The holding’s pastry chef Alexei Bratashov is responsible for the desserts. Drinks for projects are developed by the Insider bar team and gt brand barista. Victoria Rovenskaya. The main menu is supervised by chef Alexander Andreev and Denis Kugatov. The team is already known to the guests for its successful work in other projects of the holding.

The Holding will open in a new format the projects already existing in the GES-2 House of Culture:

  • The second bar – coffee and author’s drinks.
  • Stop – comfort food for every day.
  • Cafe for employees – homemade menu and soft drinks.
  • BREAD-2 – delicious bread, pastries, snacks and drinks.

All outlets will feature’s own coffee. The renovated GES-2 restaurant will also open in September. In addition to developing menus for guests and employees, the team will oversee catering for events at the House of Culture.

Address: Bolotnaya embankment, 15

Phone: +7(963)699-57-44

Russian fairy tale on Nikolskaya: Alexander Rappoport opened the firebird brasserie

The restaurateur was inspired by the cult ballet of composer Igor Stravinsky to create the concept of a stylish atmospheric Russian institution in the French style, a stone’s throw from Red Square. The production, which has become an unforgettable part of the Russian Seasons program by Sergei Diaghilev, a missionary and popularizer of Russian art in Europe and the world at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The walls of the brasserie are decorated with large-scale mirrors and glass panels, they are covered with spectacular reproductions of sketches by the artist and designer Lev Bakst, who prepared them specifically for Diaghilev’s Russian Seasons. There are original illustrations for the ballets “Carnival”, “Scheherazade”, sketches of costumes for the drama “Masquerade” and other productions of the era.

Chef Roman Palkin presents guests with a modern interpretation of Russian cuisine and demonstrates an up-to-date look at the classics of domestic gastronomy, while maintaining an affordable pricing policy. There are also timeless Russian hits on the menu, such as barrel cucumbers and pickled mushrooms, plump ruddy pies and neat handmade dumplings with a variety of fillings (both with beef in broth, and with stewed duck in creamy sauce, and with pink salmon in cream), okroshka and hodgepodge , portioned perch a la naturelle and five types of cutlets. But just as Diaghilev presented Russian ballet to Parisians not as following the strict canons of the academic art of dance, but as something lively, bold, provocative, so Palkin reveals classical recipes in a new way. If Olivier – then with stewed tongue and black truffle, if donuts (donuts) – then with crab or red caviar, if stuffed cabbage – then from rabbit with parmesan mousse.

The wine list features an excellent collection of Russian wines – still and sparkling, and, regardless of the day of the week, the Firebird offers breakfast from morning until late in the evening.

The dessert menu contains an ideal nostalgic collection: “Bird’s milk” and honey cake, potatoes and rum woman, “Prague” and “Kyiv”, Berlin cake and snail with raisins. The same taste, impeccable performance!

Address: Nikolskaya street, 5/1с3

Phone: +7(499)678-08-80

Summer continues at KALABASA

Bright colors, ripe berries and fruits, lots of greenery and unusual combinations. In summer, I especially want to experiment with flavors, combinations and use as many seasonal products as possible – the Kalabasa cafe-confectionery team has added more than 15 new items to the menu.

In the “special menu”: salad with summer strawberries, cheese, pine nuts, buckwheat honey and lemon zest or salad with grilled peach, scorched tomatoes, cheese and honey. Absolute hits – grilled peach with fig jam and sheep’s cheese; a plate of summer berries with artisan blue cheese Monteblun.

Back in the spring, Kalabasa completely switched to its own pastries, so the brand chef Stanislava Kormanovskaya continues to experiment and expand “sandwich” positions. Must-have: sandwich with turkey, stracciatella and parsley and almond pesto. The collection of desserts has also been replenished: a seasonal pie is served with apricots and frangipane, and Choux choux pastries with three fillings to choose from – with delicate blueberry, cottage cheese or chocolate cream.

To keep you in the mood, summer cocktails are prepared with Spanish dry cider: Playful Apricot with the sweetness of apricot and the sourness of passion fruit, Pouf de Pomme with notes of strawberry and vanilla, and Frais Lemongrass with bright citrus flavors of lemongrass and lime. Cold drinks will help you refresh yourself: sour cocoa with blackcurrant, matcha orange with vanilla, bumble lemongrass with orange and cold classic filter coffee or with the addition of lime cordial, prepared on Colombian beans of their own roasting.

For a summer mood, just go to a two-story pink house in the Baumanskaya area, which is filled with care and love. And if you want to have a picnic with friends, then on the Kalabasa website you can order the delivery of summer dishes.

Address: emb. Academician Tupolev, 15k26

Phone: +7(926)308-33-38

New breakfasts in Mátes projects

Mátes has launched new breakfasts from Chef Vladimir Revenko – they are served every day until 16:00 in Khamovniki and Dynamo, and all day long – on Patriarchs and Krasnaya Presnya.

Worth trying: homemade pie, peach, lemon cream, meringue, rhubarb, French toast, pistachio ice cream, breakfast Mátes – hash brown, scrambled eggs, beef sausage, tomatoes, mixed salad. Also, you can assemble a breakfast constructor from scramble, scrambled eggs or fried eggs with additives to choose from: tomatoes, salmon, mortadella, avocado. Pastries from the in-house bakery are available throughout the day.


st. M. Bronnaya, 16

Phone: +7(916)579-59-69

st. Mantulinskaya, 5с11

Phone: +7(991)721-29-80

Leningradsky pr-kt, 29k3

Phone: +7(495)011-22-33

st. Usacheva, 11A

Phone: +7(968)013-22-33

Chanterelle season and watermelon special menu at Ribambelle

It’s time to head to Ribambelle and sample the updated seasonal menu. It is worth starting the tasting with seasonal bruschetta, where fried chanterelles are the main ingredient, and the most delicate stracciatella gives freshness to the taste. Chanterelle pâté served with slices of crispy wheat bread is also a great starter. Be sure to pay attention to the classic familiar from childhood – fried potatoes with chanterelles, and Italian gnocchi with chanterelles and parmesan are responsible for the gastronomy of warm countries in the menu.


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