Gastronomic digest: new menus, new locations and the best deals.

In the gastronomic digest, special correspondent Diana Shishkovskaya studies the restaurant map of Moscow and talks about the openings of the month, a special menu from chefs.

The new character of Flor: Author’s cuisine in the Mediterranean style of the updated menu

Comfortable food with an emphasis on fish and seafood – this is the concept that the Flor restaurant is celebrating the new gastronomic year.

A laid-back atmosphere reigns in the very heart of restaurant Petersburg: marine life wraps itself around a brick wall, glasses of sparkling wine sparkle on the table, and inspiring European gastronomic fusion awaits on plates. Here it is good to meet over a glass with friends, ordering spicy emerald picuda olives with rosemary and oregano, fragrant marinated shrimp with parsley and giant squid tentacles in tomato sauce for everyone.

Graceful Spanish-Italian fusion – picanha tonnato. Homemade picanha roast beef served with delicate tuna-based tonnato cream, caper popcorn and crispy brioche. The play of flavors is emphasized by the duet of parsley oil and spicy piri-piri oil. This fall, Flor is serving baked avocado with smoked eel marinated in unagi sauce, cucumber tartar and farmhouse stracciatella, and Sakhalin scallop with marinated cherry tomatoes in a spicy chili sauce. Fans of super-comfort food and the coziest and homemade dishes will love charcoal red potatoes cooked with fried mushrooms, parsley and garlic glaze.

Flor is confidently heading towards fish and seafood dishes in a Mediterranean style. The main dishes here are scallop with celery cream, apple and creamy hazelnut sauce, cod with vegetables and onion demi-glace in tomato sauce and Provence fish cream soup with homemade brioche and rouille sauce, while rich sea soup with shrimp and mussels is inspired by traditional bouillabaisse.

Adherents of meat dishes also have something to please themselves. Stewed veal cheeks with airy polenta and baked leeks promise to become one of the bestsellers of the autumn-winter season. The most tender meat is stewed in red wine with orange, thyme, tomatoes and soy sauce and reveals a wonderful bouquet of spicy flavors.

Mediterranean motifs also touched the dessert card. Among the new products are the delicate and delicate classic San Sebastian cheesecake with salted caramel and the queen of French and Italian confectioneries – rum baba with candied fruits, vanilla cream and rum-orange syrup.

St. Petersburg, st. Rubinstein, 14.


Israeli bistro Saviv from the legendary chef of St. Petersburg Antonio Frez in Moscow!

Chef Antonio Freza has opened his first project in Moscow – the Saviv bistro has started working on Petrovka.

Simplicity of execution, freedom from stereotypes and a warm atmosphere made Saviv a special place in the city on the Neva, and this is the main thing that guests will see in the Moscow project. There is also a fundamental difference – a wood-burning stove and grill appeared in the bistro on Petrovka, thanks to which dishes cooked on an open fire occupied an important place in the menu. The kitchen of the first Moscow restaurant Antonio Freza was headed by chef Alexei Polyakov, who is well acquainted with the projects of Probka and Maritozzo. Since spring, he has been studying the cuisine of the St. Petersburg Saviv, in order to present it to Moscow this fall.

The word “saviv” (סביב) in Hebrew means “environment” or “around”, and for Antonio it is also very personal – it combines two names at once: Sarah (the name of his daughter) and the name of the city of Tel Aviv . The whole concept of Saviv is built around the concept of a close circle: it is assumed that here everyone is friendly to each other or will soon become like them with the cordial and warm attention to the guests that are received here.

The food at Saviv is inspired by the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, and in particular the Levantine cuisine that Antonio was introduced to at Shuk Carmel, the main local market. The bistro menu is characterized by a mix of oriental and Mediterranean cuisine with rich aromas, unusual spices and unconditional juiciness of each product, combined with that fullness of the sun, which makes Antonio’s native Italian cuisine special. Incredibly fresh seafood smelling of the sea, tehina for hummus imported from Israel, tender freshly baked pitas and vegetables carefully selected especially for Saviv – all this together makes the bistro cuisine unique.

The heart of the new bistro is a wood-fired oven, created especially for Saviv by the Russian manufacturer Grillvett. This oven is used to cook pita, vegetables, shakshuka or, for example, dorado jraime. A special place in the menu is also occupied by dishes on an open fire, which appeared thanks to the grill – from the SHIPUDIM AL A-ESH section with juicy kebabs of meat, poultry and squid to dishes for the company – for example, lamb cooked on fire according to an old recipe, which is served with new potatoes, garlic, onions and thyme.

In addition to the oven and grill, an important detail of the bistro’s open kitchen are dry-aged refrigerators, where meat specialties are aged – lamb side and neck, as well as wild fish, from which ceviche is made here. Ceviche and several other dishes are not on the main menu – every few days they appear as a special from the chef.

Here, in the open kitchen, you can see the famous Saviv desserts. First of all, it is recommended to try the main hits of the cuisine: babkamisu is a unique symbiosis of two desserts, which are based on layers of cream-soaked chocolate baba, baklava and cheesecake, and Sarah’s Favorite Dessert – brownie with tahini cream.

Also on the counter of the open kitchen you can see those hits of Saviv cuisine that you can buy with you – salted lemons, spices for shakshuka, or a whole set of falafel!

The cocktail menu of the Moscow bistro Saviv is remembered for its bright flavors due to the use of Middle Eastern spices in such drinks as Shakshuka Mary with homemade tomatoes and Israel Bellini with nectarine and zira. For lovers of fresher tastes, there is a bright lemon-nut spritz with homemade limoncello, as well as Lavander Spritz with clitoria gin and Sara Smash with homemade apple jam, already loved in St. Petersburg.

The Saviv wine list is a selection of new names and producers that have already earned a reputation as legendary, both from regions famous for centuries, and from new places that have just appeared on the rumor. The cheerful and cheerful vibe of the institution emphasizes the special attention to the sparkling and champagne section. The institution also works at the end of the week longer than usual restaurant hours – until two in the morning, and in the near future at this late time Antonio promises to introduce additional musical accompaniment.

st. Petrovka St., 30/7


New cocktails at Zaryadye

The most popular restaurant in the main park of the country invites you to non-sanctioned seasonal cocktails from Russian berries.

Breaking all records in terms of richness and availability of assortment, the Zaryadye restaurant welcomed autumn with a new luxurious bar…

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