Gas-liquid peeling: what is it, advantages and disadvantages.

In the modern sense, peeling refers to various types of procedures aimed at cleansing the skin. Gone are the days when a person with congenital skin defects had to endure ridicule and catch the sidelong glances of others all his life. Dermatology, in conjunction with the beauty industry, has been working productively on the problem of skin treatment and rejuvenation for many years. A lot of ways have been invented to cope with acne, acne, scars, scars, skin diseases, increased oiliness or dryness of the skin, and not only on the face, but throughout the human body. One of the progressive and promising achievements in the field of medical cosmetology was the invention of gas-liquid peeling.

What is gas-liquid peeling

Gas-liquid peeling is a non-contact cosmetic skin cleansing procedure. This is a general definition of peeling, which can be superficial, medium, and very deep, depending on the request of the patient-client and on the recommendations of a cosmetologist-dermatologist. This peeling works great as a healing procedure on skin areas all over the body – from head to toe, if necessary.

The gas-liquid peeling procedure is carried out using a special Jet Peel device, developed by Israeli scientists and successfully used in the treatment of many dermatological problems. Often, gas-liquid peeling is referred to by the name of the JetPeel-peeling device.

The essence of the skin cleansing method using gas-liquid peeling is the rapid delivery of micronized drops of water, saline or any other necessary drug using supersonic gas jet speed to the deepest nooks and crannies of the dermis. The Jet Peel device, which consists of a compressor that supplies gas (carbon dioxide, oxygen or air) under pressure to a special nozzle with a nozzle, from where a drug or saline solution enters. The flow rate of gas with liquid is very high, more than the speed of sound, which causes deep holes in the skin. From such a pressure, the intercellular bonds of the epidermis are torn, and the cold from the jet creates the effect of anesthesia, due to which the procedure is practically painless for the patient-client.

Gas-liquid peeling is suitable for people (both women and men) with any type of skin, any age, universal for all seasons. This means that you can do such a peeling right before the holidays and at the same time – calmly sunbathe in the sun, without forgetting, however, to cover the skin with sunscreen.

Gas-liquid peeling of the facial skin

The gas-liquid peeling procedure is one of the softest and gentlest for clients, who note as an additional convenience the absence of special long-term preparation and rehabilitation period.

Gas-liquid peeling of the skin can be done literally before work, an important meeting, a holiday, a party, because there are no side effects, redness, peeling of the face. But the effect is inspiring: the skin acquires a healthy look and color, becomes soft and silky, the face tightens, small wrinkles disappear, facial wrinkles are smoothed out, even after a single session. Cosmetologists advise doing a complex consisting of 6-10 procedures, one per week.

After the gas-liquid peeling procedure:

  • ➢The pores of the skin are thoroughly cleaned from dirt, dust, old cosmetics
  • ➢Cleansed from keratinized and dead cells of the epidermis
  • ➢metabolic processes in skin cells are accelerated
  • ➢moisturizes the skin, saturates it with oxygen and other useful components

Gas-liquid peeling will be very useful in cases where you need to deal with more serious problems than just skin irregularities. Using the Jet Peel device, you can reduce swelling of the face during rashes, reduce pain. In such cases, antiseptics and antibacterial additives are used as a liquid. For aging skin, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, a well-balanced set of vitamins and nutrients are used. Then, after the procedure, the skin looks much younger and cleaner.

Indications and contraindications

The gas-liquid peeling method is used for anti-aging procedures, as well as for a wide range of skin problems.

Indications for use:

  • Acne of the face and post-acne, in the mild and medium phase
  • decreased muscle tone under the skin of the face
  • weakening of skin elasticity
  • small scars and facial scars
  • swelling of the face, the appearance of bags under the eyes
  • the formation of age spots on the face
  • excess oil or dry skin

However, with all the advantages of gas-liquid peeling, the procedure has serious contraindications, such as:

  • hypertension and angina pectoris
  • autoimmune diseases
  • oncology
  • chronic herpes
  • inflammation of the facial nerve
  • period of pregnancy and lactation

The intensity of the peeling procedure is determined by a specialist after an individual consultation at the reception. It can be a superficial facial massage that clears blockages and smoothes fine wrinkles on the skin, it can be a powerful acupressure aimed at problem areas of the skin, or it can be a deep cleansing of the face, with the introduction of preparations and various vitamin cocktails. The use of the Jet Peel device varies depending on the needs of the client-patient and his ability to pay.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of all types of peeling, perhaps only gas-liquid peeling has much more pluses than minuses. The most obvious advantage of this method is its versatility for all skin types and easy tolerability of the whole process, and even after the procedure:

  • metabolic processes and skin regeneration processes are stimulated
  • there is active hydration and saturation with substances important for skin health
  • the skin becomes clean, the face acquires a healthy look
  • improves blood circulation under the skin
  • swelling goes away

Like any method, gas-liquid peeling has its drawbacks.

  • the pleasure of painless and effective peeling is not cheap
  • severely neglected cases, the procedure will not master, you will have to resort to invasive procedures or surgery

It is important to inform the cosmetologist about the existing disease, so as not to harm the health of your skin and anticipate the possible consequences of the procedure.

Technology and stages of the procedure

The procedure of gas-liquid skin peeling is carried out using the Jet Peel device, which massages the skin with a powerful jet of gas mixed with the smallest droplets of liquid. Due to the huge flow rate in the formed wells, pores expand, intercellular bonds weaken, and access to the dermis opens. Thus, at least two processes occur simultaneously:

  • exfoliation of the dead outer layer on the skin
  • delivery of the necessary drugs to the deep layers of the skin

Although gas-liquid peeling does not require any special skin preparation, some preliminary steps to take…

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