From transformation to lifestyle: Alexander Vasiliev relaunched his club for women


The famous fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev announced that his exclusive online club “Transfiguration” is evolving into a deeper and more ambitious project – “Lifestyle”. The maestro is sure that it is not enough for modern women to dress properly, it is much more important to understand themselves and their needs, realize their value and strive for development in priority areas.

It is for this that Vasiliev creates a new club, the purpose of which will be the comprehensive evolution of the participants and help in finding a unique lifestyle.

Recall that the online club “Transfiguration” began work seven months ago, and during this time more than a thousand women from all over the world have managed to change their lives for the better. Every day, with the help of Alexander Vasiliev and other club experts, they exchanged experiences, sorted out their wardrobe, changed interiors and transformed themselves. The results are impressive: someone decided to fulfill an old dream, someone completely left the old image, someone discovered new areas of life.

Alexander Vasiliev decided not to stop there and restarted the “Transfiguration”, turning it into a “Lifestyle”. Maestro is convinced that circumstances should not interfere with our dreams and plans.

In the Lifestyle evolutionary club, participants will be able to gain new knowledge, get to know each other and share experiences, while carefully but effectively changing their style and gaining self-confidence.

“Life has its own style, and this style is predetermined by the unique features of each woman,” says Alexander Vasiliev and invites all women to join his new online club.

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