From classic to trendy: we start voting for the most stylish sweaters of winter 2023


A cozy sweater or jumper in winter not only warms, but also serves as a base: without it, you can’t go anywhere in the cold. We offer you to choose the coolest and most stylish jumpers: from basic to trendy.



trendy zipped jumper from yak down will suit everyone without exception. Everything plays into the hands here: from the color to the style of the product. It’s cool that there is a high collar that will protect the neck and throat from the wind.



Cotton jumper oversized zipper will complement any look with trousers, jeans and skirts, adding that very zest. It’s great that such clothes can be worn all season: a cotton jumper will come in handy even on cool summer evenings by the sea.



AT such a sweater no woman will go unnoticed! The jacquard pattern will emphasize individuality, and the wool in the composition will add comfort and warmth to its owner.



The combination of cotton and wool in equal proportions – what could be cooler for chic blue sweaters? Only oversized cut, which will hide any nuances of the figure and emphasize the dignity.



Deep green shade sweater will dilute the winter dullness and serve as a cool color nuance in the image. A similar free cut has already been chosen by fashionistas around the world, so it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at the style.



Acrylic button-down sweater similar to its counterparts with a zipper, but it looks many times more interesting! The most delicate yellow shade will noticeably refresh your appearance and will be cool to combine with a wardrobe in any palette.

The Select Moscow


The softest red merino wool is a real rarity, and even trendy sweater from it and even more so. Everything came together in this thing: a perfect oversized fit, a beautiful shade, a high collar. What else is needed?



A beautiful mustard shade leaves no one indifferent, and even jumper in this color and even more so. Knitting with rhombuses looks spectacular and will definitely appeal to avid fashionistas.

Tommy Hilfiger


Natural wool and alpaca yarn agreed on this adorable bunny jumper! A rare piece that will definitely become the main accent in any look this winter.

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