Forbes has compiled a ranking of the richest people in show business, and there is only one woman in it. BEAUTYHACK

By tradition, Forbes has published a ranking of the richest show business stars for 2022. This time it was a rock band that came out on top. Genesis with an income of 230 million dollars. The editors of the publication say that the tour contributed to this, as well as a deal with Concord Music Group: the participants sold the rights to their music, as well as the work of Phil Collins.

On the second line – the singer Sting with 210 million dollars. He made most of his money from a deal with Universal Music Group, selling the rights to music written during his solo career and work in The Police.

The third place went to the actor, director, screenwriter and studio mogul. Tyler Perry ($175 million). He earns money from his Tyler Perry Studios campaign (his last top-grossing film is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever).

The creators of the animated series “South Park” got into the top five Trey Parker and Matt Stone ($160 million) and the creators of The Simpsons James L. Brooks and Matt Groening ($105 million).

In sixth position Brad Pitt ($100 million). He received about $113 million from his production company Plan B, and about $30 million from his roles in Faster than a Bullet, Babylon and The Lost City.

Also on the list is the group Rolling Stones ($96 million), director of Avatar James Cameron ($95 million), singer Taylor Swift ($93 million) and rapper Bad Bunny ($88 million).

Taylor Swift is, of course, especially inspiring. She became the only woman in the ranking. Her income was determined by royalties from album sales, as well as streaming music on platforms like Spotify. At the same time, experts say that 2023 will be even more successful for her: the celebrity is planning a 52-day concert tour of the United States.

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