Five cool restaurants in Moscow with a healthy menu: the choice of makeup artist Olga Romanova.

Star make-up artist Olga Romanova knows a lot about good establishments. In her social networks you can find a lot of recommendations for restaurants. Especially for, Olga made a list of the most favorite places in Moscow, where they offer not only delicious, but also healthy dishes.


The Loona restaurant, which opened on the site of “Foreigners”, is a project by Anton Pinsky, Artem Losev and Vitaly Istomin. Immediately, upon entering, I, of course, saw a traditional Italian baking oven and automatically took my eyes off it. It turned out in vain! The menu has healthy pizza options, with flour-free dough based on almonds and cauliflower. It remains only to choose the filling – cacho pepe with burrata, eel with zucchini flowers, gorgonzola and pear …. And this, as you know, is not easy in itself. Quite “healthy” and raw appetizers: sea bass carpaccio with tomatoes and capers and scallops with truffle made an impression.

Address: Tverskoy Boulevard, 24, building 1


I love the new brainchild of William Lamberti – Lumicino. And here, too, it was not difficult to find not only tasty, but also healthy options for dishes. For example, delicious carpaccio of artichokes with parmesan. By the way, William likes to tell that it is artichokes that cause him the strongest associations with his childhood spent in Ancona. As a child, he loved when his mother cooked them for lunch, so you can find several delicious dishes on the menu at once: Roman artichokes, with burrata or dorado. Of course, these are slightly more high-calorie dishes than the raw version, but I would still classify them as correct. From hot positions, pay attention to tuna meatballs and sea bass a la diabolo with cauliflower.

Address: st. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 58


It seems that even the name of the Zhirok restaurant by Ilya Tyutenkov contradicts the idea of ​​a healthy diet. But this is an illusion. Remember the phrase “fat fat”? So it’s not about calories, but about the best of the best. Therefore, if desired, useful options can be found in the menu. The main thing is to convince yourself not to look with envy at those who choose from a wide range of hot dogs with pastrami – a real hit of this restaurant! For breakfast, you can try a delicious protein omelet with stracciatella and avocado, complementing it, for example, with king crab. The dish looks fantastic and tastes incredible. Very good and light green bowl with tzatziki sauce. For hot options, I recommend squid with bok choy or baked sea bass in spinach.

Address: st. Usacheva, 26


While the warm days are in full swing, be sure to book a table on the Sakhalin summer terrace and start your meal with at least a dozen oysters – they are incomparable here. And how good are branded salmon tartare with red caviar and mango; crab with tobiko and avocado or tuna with black and red caviar. And I am ready to sing an ode to scallops with ponzu sauce and truffle oil every day. If you want something more solid, you can try the author’s roll without rice, but with tuna belly, avocado, red caviar and teriyaki sauce or black cod with grilled asparagus and sea urchin caviar. The main thing is that all this is not only tasty, but also absolutely safe for the waist.

Address: st. Smolenskaya, 8


Well, the top five would not be complete without the Ava restaurant. I like everything here: the atmosphere and, of course, the food. Let’s start with the most delicate sweet shrimp crudo… By the way, the menu has a special section “For Losing Weight” and it’s wonderful. What is one champagne jelly with strawberries worth! Of the salad options, I recommend ordering the one made from plum, cucumber and peccorino cheese. Not inferior to him and green with avocado and zucchini. If there is room for a hot one, take the spotted chicken with chimichurri sauce – you won’t go wrong.

Address: st. Malaya Bronnaya, 21/13, building 2

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