Felt worthless: Lily Collins spoke for the first time about abuse in a relationship and what helped her recover. BEAUTYHACK

33-year-old star of the series “Emily in Paris” Lily Collins for the first time shared with reporters about how she faced an abusive relationship from her ex-boyfriend. She did not name him, but said that it happened when she was about 20 years old.

“For me, a toxic romantic relationship was a verbal and emotional abuse, and it made me feel worthless. He called me “Little Lily”. You’re supposed to be “Little Lily” and he called me names for the clothes I wore,” Collins recalled on the We Can Do Hard Things podcast.

She also added that in this relationship she became as silent as possible, and the actions and words of her boyfriend caused her anxiety and panic. Then she faced an eating disorder and was forced to turn to a psychologist.

Now Lily is doing well, in September 2021 she married director Charlie McDowell. But, despite the fact that her husband treats her with care and attention, sometimes she has panic attacks, reminiscent of a relationship 10 years ago.

“Situations are completely different 10 years ago and now… But severe anxiety sometimes still comes back to me. Even if I am in a healthy relationship, there can be a moment that becomes a trigger and brings back to the past. It’s horrible. It’s very hard,” Lily said.

Earlier, other celebrities also spoke about abuse by a partner. Actress Mina Suvari wrote in her memoir In The Great Peace that she was unhappy for many years. As a child, she experienced abuse, and then entered into a toxic relationship. Only psychotherapy helped her find happiness again, read about it Here.

Bella Hadid, on the Victorias Secret Voices podcast with Amanda De Kadane, said that she faced abuse not only in relationships with men, but also at work with colleagues. The model always tried to be comfortable for people, so she could not defend your boundaries. Psychotherapy, meditation, sports, and giving up social networks for a while helped solve the problem.

Recently, the topic of abuse has ceased to be closed. Everyone talks about it – both public figures and psychologists. About financial abuse in a couple read the link. We talked about how to recover after an abuse In this article.

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