Fashionable styles of dresses – names, photos and descriptions

Fashionable styles of dresses: names, photos and descriptions

A beautiful dress can transform any girl, and a fashionable look gives self-confidence and simply cheers up. Moreover, now there are so many interesting styles of dresses for every taste. We have prepared for you a large selection with photos and names!

1. A-line

Traditional trapezoidal cut that gradually widens downwards. Such dresses are good to the knee or slightly higher, with or without sleeves.


2. Fishtail

This is a complex elegant floor-length model with a skirt that tightly fits the legs and hips to the knee, and then diverges into a wide mermaid tail.

Fish tail

3. Sheath dress

Classic bodycon fitted dress with the same classic straight pencil skirt. Very effective option even for the office.

Sheath dress

4. Balloon dress

The original voluminous style with a wide skirt, which narrows or tightens with a puff along the hem. A wonderful model for full girls.

balloon dress

5. Shirt dress

A stylish modern trend, when the dress resembles an elongated one-size-fits-all shirt. Looks great with a belt that accentuates the waist.

Dress shirt

6. Tunic dress

Loose airy tunics seem to be made for summer. And it is precisely this cut that most often has fashionable dresses in a sports style.

Tunic dress

7. Dress with a corset

Corset dresses and corset girdles are back in fashion in 2021. The most modern version is a corset clearly under the chest over a loose wide shirt dress.

Corset dress

8. Baby dollar

The name speaks for itself – this is a puppet style. High waist, wide skirt, touching folds or frills – what else do you need?

baby dollar

9. T-shirt dress

Casual summer option for fashionistas who are not afraid to emphasize their figure. Among them are many models in a sporty style or with funny prints.

T-shirt dress

10. Tulip dress

Tulip is the original cut of the skirt. It is wide at the top with pleats at the hips, but gradually tapers towards the knees.

Tulip dress

11. Sundress

A light summer dress with shoulder straps, most often made of flowing airy fabrics. But in 2021, along with the fashion for denim, denim sundresses also returned.


12. Mesh dress

A transparent dress made of large mesh is more of an accessory than a full-fledged item of clothing. But it looks very impressive with a well-chosen bottom.

Mesh dress

13. Wrap dress

Asymmetric wrap dresses allow you to emphasize the figure and waist. This style is characterized by a deep neckline and a slit at the bottom.

Wrap dress

14. Tea dress

A light, loose and playful silhouette for casual daytime activities. Chiffon or silk tea dresses with floral patterns are very good.

tea dress

15. Little black dress

The same classic that Coco Chanel brought into fashion for centuries. In fact, the style can be anything, but for the dress to be truly universal, it should not be too frank and defiant.

Little black dress

16. Sarong

This model is inspired by Indian traditional outfits. You can even make your own sarong from a wide rectangular piece of fabric.


17. Combination

These are the most delicate and attractive lingerie dresses made of flowing fabrics with thin straps. We recommend balancing the combination with rough shoes, a jacket or accessories.


18. Cocoon dress

You can really wrap yourself in a spacious and free cocoon dress for your own pleasure. Most often they are sewn from soft warm fabrics, with pockets on the sides.

Cocoon dress

19. Kimono dress

Such an unusual cut will definitely appeal to lovers of oriental fashion. But here the quality of the fabric is fundamentally important, so that it is really a dress, and not a robe.

Kimono dress

20. Sweater dress

Of course, shirt dresses and tank tops have their own warm alternative. Such a long cozy sweater is good with tight colored tights and high boots.

Sweater dress

21. Torso

The torso has a straight silhouette that resembles an elongated T-shirt. But a romantic skirt diverges almost along the hem with flounces.


22. Empire style dress

This is a good option for evening, prom and wedding dresses. A high waist, a flowy floor-length skirt and a relaxed fit of the bodice are what you need in 2021.

Empire style dress

23. Bodycon

Tight bondage dresses are as tight as possible to the figure. This is an underlined sexy outfit for lovers of bold and frank images.


24. Smoke

The main characteristic of this style is layering. It is somewhat reminiscent of a multi-level cake, and there can be more than five such levels.


25. Apron

This is what they call dresses, the cut of which originally went from kitchen aprons. A wide ribbon behind the neck instead of straps, a fitted top and a wide bottom is apron. Despite the origin, it turned out very beautiful.


26. Halter

The style of the halter dress slightly resembles a curtain. And indeed, this is the most free flowing outfit that smoothly descends not from the waist, but from the very top.


27. Trumpet dress

A laconic straight dress with a simple cut and no complicated decor. Models differ only in the shape of the neck, length and how tight they are.

Trumpet dress

28. Dress-year

Godet is another version of the skirt, narrow at the hips, but wide at the bottom. Godet diverges in wedges and wonderfully emphasizes the figure.


29. Culotte dress

Of course, if there are skirts and trousers, then there are the same dresses. Like traditional culottes, they are very wide and more like a flared skirt.

Culotte dress

30. Dress with American armhole

Here, the feature is precisely in the type of armhole, which is not so common. And also pay attention to the details – straps, buckles, accessories.

Dress with american armhole

31. Blazer dress

This dress looks like a large elongated jacket. Thanks to this, the image jewelry balances between modesty and frankness.

Blazer dress

32. Tutu dress

A dress with a fluffy tulle tutu skirt only at first glance seems to be exclusively thematic. In fact, it can harmoniously fit into any street look, if complemented with an oversized jacket or denim jacket.

Tutu dress

33. Evening dress

Evening dresses are the most complex, spectacular and expensive. Minis are rare here, but there are many cuts, necklines, glitter and the most chic decorative elements.

Evening Dress

34. Qipao

Qipao is a traditional Chinese dress that is loved by fashionistas all over the world. In cut, it resembles a case, but differs in the upper part.


35. Shift

The shift also slightly resembles a classic sheath, but at the same time, such a dress is much wider and freer. And due to the fact that it is less official, you can choose the brightest colors.


36. Vest dress

A very creative and original model for those who are not afraid of experiments. Large buttons, a wide belt, an original collar shape and other bold decisions are appropriate here.

Vest dress

37. Cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses are gentle, romantic, but still very elegant. At the same time, they are more restrained than evening ones, and, accordingly, more practical.

Cocktail Dress

38. Peplum dress

You’ve probably seen fitted tight-fitting dresses with a single frill from the waist. So, this is exactly it!

Dress Basques

39. Charleston

A bold and extravagant dress in the style of the twenties with sequins and fringe leaves no one indifferent. Moreover, in 2021 they are experiencing a second wave of popularity.


40. Shemiz

Shemiz resembles a loose tunic with a belt, and most often with wide sleeves in the spirit of a “bat”. Shemis from thin light fabrics – a godsend for the summer!


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