Fashionable dresses for the New Year 2023 for obese women who are slim

To meet the New Year 2023 in the best possible light, all the fair sex will certainly want to. But what should young ladies with magnificent forms do if it is much easier for slender thin women to pick up a bow? First of all, do not despair, because today we will tell you how to choose an incredible look for plus size women!

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

The opinion that it is very difficult for ladies with large volumes to assemble a stylish outfit is erroneous. Fortunately, modern designers and stylists are ready to offer girls of any configuration a lot of beautiful outfits. Many of them are able not only to hide the imperfections of the figure, but also to emphasize the dignity in the most beneficial way.

Today we will talk about what dresses such young ladies should choose and share a couple of useful tips!

To begin with, when choosing a product for overweight women, you need to rely on the following criteria:

  1. silhouette type (pear, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle);
  2. style – based on the type of figure;
  3. appropriate length;
  4. the presence of sleeves;
  5. minimum decor;
  6. suitable print;
  7. right size.

When choosing a New Year’s dress for yourself, make sure that it sits perfectly on you and does not highlight flaws.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

How to choose the length of the dress

In many cases it is a matter of taste, mood and character of the party. We advise you to try all kinds of options, and only then decide which one will be the most successful. Besides:

  1. Luxurious floor length dresses. They are considered the most solemn option, they look romantic and feminine. They allow you to visually stretch the silhouette and slim.
  2. Graceful midi. This is probably the best choice for plus size girls. The model reveals the most beautiful part of the leg.
  3. Mini. Even young ladies with lush volumes can afford to wear such dresses. Just do not choose a radical mini! And also do not forget that if you put on a short thing, then you need to avoid a deep neckline.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

Dresses for the New Year 2023 for obese women

Having talked about general recommendations and nuances, we suggest moving on to discussing the best dresses for the New Year for puffies. The following are models that make visually thinner and look great on their own!

high waisted

For obese women with a belly, a high-waisted dress will be a real salvation. The style has a slight expansion, which starts immediately from the chest. This technique allows you to hide the tummy behind the falling folds of the material.

Stylists advise choosing a luxurious version of a floor-length dress or a versatile midi. And girls with beautiful breasts can safely look for a model with an emphasizing V-neckline.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

With smell

Similar items of clothing are among the leading trends of the season. In addition, practical wrap dresses help to successfully hide wrinkles and a wide waist. At the same time, the thing looks very feminine!

Designers offer fashionistas attributes from:

  1. velvet;
  2. eco-leather;
  3. atlas;
  4. light chiffon.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

With sequins

Sequins will help add solemnity to the New Year’s bow. A dress decorated with them will undoubtedly cheer you up and add positive.

However, it is important to choose the right style here. Only then will you have nothing to worry about!

As for the color schemes, luxurious gold and silver are the best choice here. For mystery and charm, you can give preference to black sequins.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

With asymmetry

An asymmetrical cut is always stylish, beautiful and original. Also, such gizmos are quite relevant for full ladies.

Uneven elements and contrasting tones in one outfit can attract attention. Thus, the techniques mask the shortcomings.

Note: Today, the most popular bevel on one shoulder. This solution will help to successfully emphasize the beauty of the female breast.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

Pleated dresses

Among the dresses suitable for obese women for the New Year 2023, there is this option. He is not only in trend, but also perfectly slim!

Vertical long pleating perfectly stretches the silhouette. You can improve the outfit with stiletto heels or wedges.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year


Under the sheath dress is meant a variant tailored to the figure and made of dense material. It is also one of the best models for donuts.

It’s great if the chosen gizmo also has a V-shaped neckline.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

A-line silhouette

This is an elongated dress with a flared skirt and perfectly hides the tummy. Other benefits of the item include:

  1. open ankles;
  2. stylish look;
  3. giving tenderness.

Stylists note that the upper part can be presented in any way: neckline, slightly lowered shoulder line, yoke.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

balloon dress

This model is short and has a slightly gathered bottom. The product also hides flaws in the waist and hips well, and also opens the legs.

With the help of shoes with heels, you can stretch the silhouette, and make the legs even longer.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

Decor of New Year’s dresses

Since the outfit for the New Year should be stunning and memorable, you should pay special attention to decorating. Designers recommend taking a closer look at the following options.

Dark color inserts on the sides. This is by far the most practical solution. The contrasting dark hue on the sides not only looks interesting, but also creates an optical slimming effect.

Fringe. The addition hides the imperfections of the figure well.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

Lace. This decor can be either in tone with the chosen dress, or in contrast to it. Lace, just like fringe, must be properly positioned. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve the desired effect.

Note: the best solution is the area of ​​​​the shoulders, chest or along the hem of the skirt.

Ruffles, flounces, frills. In the coming year, this fashion trend will remain in its leading positions. Therefore, you can safely select products with a similar decor on the sleeves, shoulders and bottom of the dress.

Note: avoid these elements in the hips and chest area.

Dresses for obese women for the New Year

Dresses for the new year 2023 for obese women, first of all, should correspond to the preferences of the fashionista herself. So here’s our final piece of advice: Don’t be afraid of tight-fitting styles, shiny options, or pieces with cutouts, ruffles, and ruffles! The main thing is the proper placement of all the details and the right style.

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