Expectation vs Reality: Stylist – on why Pinterest images don’t work in real life. BEAUTYHACK

A beautiful feed in social networks is the dream of any girl. Even if she doesn’t want a million followers. Many save photos of famous models and bloggers to repeat similar ones. But alas. In fact, even copying the location and images, everything turns out differently from the original. Stylist and fashion influencer Elvira Yankovskaya, using the example of Pinterest, understands how our expectations of “beautiful and stylish” break into the cruel reality of life.

Here are the top 3 reasons why Pinterest images don’t work.

1) You perceive the photo as reality

Millions of pins are collected in one place so that you do not turn the Internet over in search of that very blue sky, that very flying organza, that colorful moussaka recipe. It can be said that there is nothing alive here, only the glossy side of reality, deliberately embellished and polished. So it was conceived by the creators: look and be inspired. Train observation, develop the habit of seeing the main thing and noticing the details. Strive for the ideal, but don’t be blinded by it.

2) You don’t follow current trends

Pin sets hang around for years. Even the trendiest influencers will tell you that after 1-3 months the board loses its timeliness. Yes, you can look, but you should not strictly follow the selected photo. The season has changed, a new collection has come out, you have changed: you have changed your job, social status, your figure or image component has also changed, you may even have worked with a stylist. The pin is no longer valid. In addition, you simply will not be able to copy other people’s collections. This is the third point.

3) The team didn’t work on your photos

Believe me, dozens of specialists have worked on the photo that you were inspired and admired. First, the producer stylist picked up the model and decided on the location. Then the videographer and photographer chose a good angle, set the light. The stylist at this time put together perfectly fitting bows. That is, he did not just combine a skirt with a jacket, but carefully, with his inherent experience and taste, found the right combinations, configurations, accessories, shoes. Everything is thought out and coordinated down to the smallest detail. Only then does the source of the photo appear that gives you a search on request. And then – even more interesting. A graphic editor comes into play, which retouches the photo according to the task. Remember, the same image presented through different styles of photo processing looks completely different.

Stylist advice

Fashion is also marketing. Do not copy, but feel it. The ideal proportions of models (even guitar waists in corsets of plus-size girls) are incompatible with reality. Magazines, social networks, lookbooks broadcast the ideal to us. We are perfect in our imperfection. Otherwise, everyone would turn into surrogates and mannequins. Yes, mindfulness is worth developing. Yes, inspiration is always an impetus to creativity. But we must understand that style is, first of all, individuality. Try it on, check it out. Then everything will work out, and your reflection in the mirror will be a hundred times more noticeable than a picture from Pinterest.

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