Everyone is discussing the wrinkles of Naomi Watts in the series: they learned from psychologists why and how to stop obsessing over aging.

Naomi Watts starring Naomi Watts recently aired on Netflix, and we’ve already discussed her looks. here. Now they found an interesting article in Spanish Elle – in which the editors speculated why viewers are surprised that Naomi at 54 looks 54.

“I am in awe of Naomi on the show because her face has facial expressions. I had no idea how much I missed middle-aged women who look like middle-aged women on the screen, ”they cite as an example a quote from journalist Hillary Frey. They also recall the words of Watts herself in an interview with Good Health magazine.

“Most of the characters I play are going through emotional upheaval, so I need wrinkles to work. If my face was paralyzed, how would I play my part? – said the actress.

True, in the comments to the series there were also those whom Naomi’s wrinkles only upset. They say that looking at the natural aging of the actress is very difficult, it would be better if she did Botox or other beauty treatments with an anti-age effect.

BeautyHack.ru talked about this topic with experts – candidate of psychological sciences and psychologist of the network of clinics of integrative medicine Dmitry Raevsky Elena Bogatova and family psychologist Olga Romaniv.

Why do celebrities dislike wrinkles so much?

Psychologists confirm that in the modern world the topic of aging is relevant. Especially when we see so many advertisements aimed at looking younger. And the discussion of the aging of our idols is, in a way, a projection on ourselves, a defensive reaction.

“We are all worried about old age in one way or another, because we don’t know what it will bring with it. Feeling fear of the uncertainty of the future is, in principle, normal, says Olga Romaniv. – Fear in different people is expressed in different ways: some improve the appearance of cosmetologists or plastic surgeons, the latter start romances with younger representatives of the opposite sex. There are those who consider wrinkles to be a superficial manifestation of aging and become promoters of a healthy lifestyle. But here, too, it is important to understand that behind this is also the desire to prolong youth.

Elena Bogatova holds the same opinion, but also adds that obsession with the appearance of a celebrity is inherent in our subconscious. “Thanks to the collective unconscious, the same ideas prevail in mass education: in Soviet times, our mothers, raised by our grandmothers, were supposed to be similar to each other, today we are also looking for our ideal. And here famous actresses, singers, models come into play. We try to be like them, admire their well-groomed faces and slender figures.

If suddenly on the screen we are faced with the “old age” of our heroine, an internal conflict arises in us. This destroys our attitudes about eternal youth, betrays the general illusory idea that this is possible. And most importantly, it’s scary.

Without noticing it, women are driving themselves into the trap of their own limitations. They deprive themselves of the opportunity to observe the beauty of any age. They deprive themselves of the opportunity to feel their own depth and understanding, how beautifully a woman can age, how real she can be.

How to stop obsessing over your appearance?

The most important thing, according to psychologists, is self-esteem. “From early childhood, many of us, even the most beautiful, could face complexes about appearance, not receive enough praise and support at home,” argues Olga Romaniv. – Hence, low self-esteem even in adulthood. And with this you need to work on your own or with a specialist.

Olga also says that by increasing self-esteem, you will definitely begin to accept yourself, become happier. “Acceptance of oneself is an important part of harmony both within oneself and with the outside world. By accepting ourselves, we learn to defend our own boundaries, we are independent of other people’s opinions, we focus on what is important first of all to us, ”says Olga Romaniv.

agree with her and Elena Bogatova: “Pay attention to the fact that women who do not pursue ideality live the happiest of all. Take as a basis their natural acceptance of themselves. Find the joy of exploring your individuality, give thanks to your face and body daily. Remember those who have ever loved you sincerely and deeply. Think about what they saw in you then. Surely, you realize that it was definitely not appearance. Rediscover your inner world for yourself and begin to dive into it. It is in this process that the realization of one’s own uniqueness comes.

What to do if everyone around is only discussing appearance?

Olga Romaniv says that the people around us influence us a lot. “If the same topic is constantly discussed next to us, then you will begin to get hung up on it, whether you like it or not. It can be compared to a little neuro-linguistic programming directed in your direction, ”the psychologist assures.

Olga also gave advice on what to do if you don’t like discussing your appearance or others. In this case, you can do it in different ways:

1) Reduce communication, if it is toxic for you (during and after the conversation you experience negativity, complexes, discomfort).

2) Reduce the degree of activity in the topic and offer an alternative, that is, switch attention and transfer energy to a peaceful direction, you can find a common hobby that is interesting to discuss.

3) Honestly say that this topic is not interesting to you, and you do not want to develop it, but again offer some alternative – talk about something more neutral for everyone, suggest attending some events, etc.

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