Enlarged pores and blackheads: why they appear and how to get rid of them. BEAUTYHACK

With the onset of spring, many refuse to dense tonal textures. And rightly so. It is only important that the skin is beautiful and healthy. Cosmetologist and dermatologist Shirin Khayidmuradova, especially for BeautyHack.ru, compiled a memo of five steps that will help create a photoshop or filter effect on the face (no more enlarged pores and black dots!).

It is also important to remember that you need to clean your face strictly twice a day. At night, the skin goes through the stages of regeneration, its cells divide eight times faster, so sweat accumulates in the morning, the secret of the sebaceous glands, which must be washed off. And before going to bed, you need to rid your skin of cosmetics and accumulated dust. And in both cases, purification should be carried out in two stages.

Step one: make-up removal

The first step is to remove makeup on the face. And here, many girls make a mistake: they immediately wash themselves with gel or foam. But it is more correct to first use makeup removers: micellar water, micellar oil or lotion. Apply the product to a cotton pad and wipe your face along the massage lines.

Second step: washing

Once you’ve got rid of your makeup, move on to washing your face. It is better to choose the tool according to the type of skin. For dry and combination skin, textures without alcohol, as well as milk, are suitable. For oily skin, it is better to choose gels and foams. For sensitive – hypoallergenic products.

Third step: toning

Toning will restore the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, neutralize the remnants of cleansers. Lotions and tonics are suitable for this stage.

Fourth stage: moisturizing

Without proper hydration, the skin loses its elasticity faster, that is, wrinkles appear ahead of time. But here it is also important to choose the right tool. For dry skin dense creams, which contain amino acids, ceramides, sugars and unsaturated fats, will be effective.

For oily skin choose emulsions, fluids or gels with natural silicone, it does not clog pores and makes the skin smooth.

For problem skin you need to select products with a soft texture and effective components. Good products in the form of balms and creams based on fats or beeswax.

For combination skin Suitable for almost all moisturizers. Preparations containing dimethicone, cyclomethicone, and mineral oils have a particularly beneficial effect.

Fifth stage: proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle

The condition of the skin, of course, is also affected by lifestyle. Enlarged pores and black dots, for example, can also appear due to improper and unbalanced nutrition, hormonal imbalance, and stress.

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