Do not walk around the house in pajamas! Victoria Beckham shared the secrets that help her get enough sleep. BEAUTYHACK

Biohackers, stars, scientists, nutritionists, cosmetologists – they all say in one voice how important sleep is for health and beauty. Everyone, however, has his own recipe: someone loves to go to bed after a hot relaxing bath with salt and meditation, and someone jumps into bed after dousing with cool water. This time, Victoria Beckham shared her secret to a perfect night.

“I love crystals and crystalline energy. I have quite a few next to my bed. I hold them in my hands and I enjoy meditating and relaxing with them. I have an eye mask on as I need complete darkness while David likes to keep the windows and curtains open. Dr. König, who works in Baden-Baden, gave me advice: instead of coming home and spending the evening lounging in pajamas (which we love to do as a family), get into the habit of putting on pajamas later, right before bed. And go to bed right away. So it will become your routine, the body will receive a signal – time for sleep, ”said Victoria.

In addition, the designer loves to make moisturizing face masks in the evening. Sometimes with your spouse. The couple just lies on the couch, chatting about trifles and enjoying time dedicated to themselves.

And one more feature – bed linen. Vicki only sleeps on a pillowcase made from 100% silk. The fabric prevents the appearance of wrinkles, creases and folds during sleep, does not fluff the hair and does not allow them to break.

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