Do men like bright makeup?

Thousands of years later, women unknowingly use makeup to influence the world around them, like ancient people who, by painting their faces, caused rain, for example. It is difficult to say for sure whether men like bright makeup – tastes are diverse, but girls periodically forget that they did not go hunting for prey, but on a date with a guy.

What makeup men don’t like and why

Statistics confirm that men do not like the following make-up techniques for sure.

dark lipstick

For most representatives of the stronger sex, such shades on the lips are associated with the conduct of Gothic rites or theatrical makeup. It is unlikely that you will be able to relax next to such a “drama queen”, and you will be afraid to kiss your lips – all of a sudden there will be traces. And besides, it is extremely difficult to find a dark lipstick that does not spread. You risk looking sloppy. Definitely the makeup that men don’t like most often includes dark lipstick.

Do men like bright makeup?

bright shadows

Men, in principle, are perplexed by the shadows on the eyelids, perceiving them as clown makeup. And when the colors are unusually bright, an awkward situation can happen – the gentleman will laugh, and you will feel offended – the evening will be ruined before it starts.

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