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Butter cream from Zielinski & Rozen, La Roche-Posay novelty, Nude Story fashion project “The Story of One Jacket” and other news in the weekly collection of BeautyHack.ru.

New from Zielinski & Rozen: Body Butter Cream

After a long stay in salt water and in the sun, moisturizing and special skin care are necessary, just as in urban conditions and harsh climates: dry air, wind, cold, heating, air conditioning. Using an oil cream is the first step when your skin is dehydrated and needs extra hydration.

Cream-oil is available in two formats: fragrance free and Black Pepper, Amber, Neroli. The composition is based on shea butter and vitamin E. Unscented cream butter can be used as a base cream before applying your favorite perfume.

NEW FROM LA ROCHE-POSAY: Niacinamide 10 serum against all types of pigmentation

La Roche-Posay challenges the existing pigmentation solutions on the market and launches its innovation. The new Niacinamide 10 Serum is formulated with a high concentration of Niacinamide (10%), a clinically proven anti-pigmentation ingredient.

Niacinamide (10%) acts on the cause of age spots, reduces their size and severity and prevents recurrence. Hyaluronic acid in the composition maintains the skin barrier, improves skin firmness and elasticity.

October novelties from the company “Arabia”

The Arabia company, known as the largest Russian manufacturer of professional cosmetics for face and body skin care, has released another bright novelty.

The assortment of the ARAVIA Professional brand for professional care has replenished with hair styling spray: thermal protection and antistatic All-In-One Styler. A multi-purpose spray designed to create the perfect moveable styling and thermal protection. Another novelty is Magnesium Oil for body, hair, joints, which compensates for magnesium deficiency in the body. New brand for home care ARAVIA Laboratories stap Gel for washing with hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic Cleansing Gel. The gel gently cleanses the skin of impurities and make-up residues.

The SKINDEX brand presents a novelty in the Active Line line – Intense Transformation Face Cream

Skindex Professional Active Line is a multifunctional professional skin care program. Active Line Intense Transformation Face Cream affects the deepest layers of the skin, inhibits cell damage reactions, which leads to smoothing of wrinkles, increased skin tone, and narrowing of pores.

Has antioxidant, soothing effects. Perfectly softens and nourishes the skin, removes peeling, making it velvety. Strengthens blood vessels, reduces swelling. Gives a pronounced lifting, reducing the signs of ptosis and emphasizing the oval of the face.

LIBREDERM hyaluronic care system: 2 steps to perfect skin

Is flawless silky skin a dream? Reality! Just 2 steps for smooth, healthy skin that doesn’t need filters: cleansing and basic care.

The formula of each product contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid – this is the most powerful moisturizing ingredient that can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and retain moisture there. At the same time, the system is thought out in such a way that the means complement and enhance the effect of each other. The result is instant relief from dryness, deep hydration and a radiant, flawless tone. The formulas are clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists.

New from SHU brand – FLIRTY lip gloss-balm

Gloss-balm will take care of the skin of the lips and create the effect of volume. Glossy shine and weightless coating will make them incredibly attractive. Vitamin E and castor oil in the composition of the product will soften and restore. Glitter is available in 6 shades.


Respect has come up with a stylish response to the capricious weather with the Fashion Special Effect capsule. It includes minimalistic winter boots and flatform boots, inspired by the spirit of the freedom-loving seventies.

Designers came up with a formula for an ideal base: on the one hand, universal colors and well-thought-out technological solutions, on the other hand, avant-garde shapes and an absolute hit with the key trends of the season. The high textured outsole provides good grip on slippery and wet surfaces, while natural materials on the outside and inside guarantee warmth and protection from moisture.

Fashion-project “The history of one jacket” from the Russian brand Nude Story

The story of one jacket is the real stories of heroines who inspire with ongoing projects and provide support to those who need it now. The project refers to the format of glossy media, where the main component was interviews with media personalities.

The first heroes were Polina Zelenova, the author of the Artohólic cultural project, Dania Omerova, designer and founder of the Lion Gray brand, Ekaterina Minkevich, founder of the PR agency Influence You and the podcast “We love, we know how, we practice”, the author of the channel “Firstly, it’s beautiful! ”, Nadezhda Sysoeva, actress, TV presenter, Ksenia Kitaeva, gossip editor of Buro 24/7 and author of the KK telegram channel, Victoria Sinitsina, Olympic champion in team competition, Olympic silver medalist, world and European champion in ice dancing.

On November 4, 5 and 6, the brand announces for the first time discounts up to 40% on selected models!

New body shaping machine RSL Sculptor at The White’s

At The White’s beauty center, you can now sign up for one of the most effective body shaping devices. Thanks to the roller vibrocompression with spheres and the mechanical effect of the maniple, in just 5 sessions on the RSL Sculptor your skin will become elastic and toned again.

Moscow, Bazhova st., 8

Secret of Youth: ZEN drip by Steven Seagal

Since October, the ZEN Levitation Preventive Medicine Clinic has been offering an author’s dropper program based on the original Japanese drug Laennec, as well as a complex of peptides, cytokines and amino acids. The composition is further enhanced by a multivitamin complex and glutathione.

Laennec is a preparation based on hydrolyzed placenta containing peptides that improve the synthesis of hepatocytes and, as a result, strengthen the immune system. A dropper with this drug helps to detoxify the body and reduce the risk of colds, gives vigor and returns the skin to a young and healthy look.

The cost of the procedure: 25,000 rubles.

FAST SUGAR STOP is a natural extract-peptide complex that inhibits the enzyme that breaks down simple carbohydrates.

The drug does not allow simple carbohydrates to turn into fat. It improves metabolic processes, normalizes the intestinal microflora and the pancreas, improves skin condition, prevents the development of diabetes – and all this without side effects.

The complex was developed by Elena Krakhmaleva, candidate of biological sciences, senior researcher at the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology and the founder of MD Consulting Group.

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