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New Moisturizing Hand Gel HH from 22|11, URIAGE Anti-Aging Treatment, New Brand VERDILAB, Sylvia Collection by Aim Factory, Denim in Sisley, Linen Models in LIMÉ Spring Collection, Good Girl and SMSTRETCHING Collaboration, Easter Program at JOALI Maldives Resort and other news in the weekly selection of BeautyHack.ru.

New 22|11 – Black Pepper & Patchouli Hydrating Hand Gel

Spring has come, which means that you need to slowly move on to a new care. For example, replace heavy oily creams with lighter textures. Black Pepper Patchouli Hand Hydro Gel is great for this task. Despite its light texture, it deeply hydrates and creates a weightless protective layer that prevents moisture loss.

PROTEOS HYDRA PLUS SP in a new format – 5 ampoules per pack

MartiDerm presents PROTEOS HYDRA PLUS SP ampoules from THE ORIGINALS range in a new format – 5 ampoules per pack. It is a sun protection serum (UVA / UVB) with SPF 10 to restore radiance and prevent wrinkles, and has antioxidant properties.


DTMS has a new packaging that becomes even more beautiful, pleasant and more environmentally friendly. New packages are packages with refills. By purchasing one product, in the future you can only buy refills. They will contain less plastic due to a constructive change in shape, and most importantly they will have a nice price. They are easy to disassemble and wash, so recycling will be even easier.

URIAGE: new anti-aging care

AGE LIFT products provide comprehensive anti-aging facial skin care after 30-35 years old, and AGE ABSOLUTE – at the age of 50+. The products are aimed at correcting and preventing wrinkles, restoring a clear facial contour, firmness and elasticity of the skin, natural radiance and even tone, reducing age spots, renewing skin cells, strengthening the skin barrier and protecting against exposome factors such as polluted air, ultraviolet rays and blue. light emitted by computers and smartphones.

Key components of the formulas: thermal water from the source in Uriage-les-Bains, hyaluronic acid and retinol, vitamins C and E, and plant extracts.

Skin Regeneration Serum by BLOOR Skincare

Serum is aimed at renewal, soothing, deep hydration and radiance of the skin. It has an anti-age effect and restores the protective barrier. 85% natural ingredients, French assets, Vegan and Organic certified. Great for massage with facial gadgets or guasha, as well as for daily self-use.


PINK BUBBLES INTENSE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER Leave-In Hydrating Conditioner for dry, damaged and color-treated hair relieves dryness, leaving hair soft and manageable without weighing it down. The composition contains a color preservation complex, which means that the conditioner will be able to prolong and enhance the radiance and color intensity of natural and dyed hair.

New brand VERDILAB

The new intellectual brand of Swiss cosmetics VERDILAB was created on the basis of the unique IMMUNATURNA® complex, which is able to maintain and restore the natural immunity of the skin, slow down age-related changes and significantly improve skin quality.

VERDILAB combines 14 products into 5 lines designed to meet the needs and conditions of the skin. as well as all its types. Each of the 5 lines is designed to achieve a specific effect and contains a special combination of products with stellar ingredients that work in synergy.

Siberina cosmetic oil

Grape seed oil provides care for the skin of the face and body. Eliminates dermatitis, acne, wrinkles and stretch marks, bruises, dryness and itching of the skin. Increases the production of collagen and elastin, which is very important for healthy looking skin. Protects against UV radiation, minimizes the risk of sunburn and reduces the possibility of age spots.

It can be used both in pure form and mixed with other oils. Apply to skin or hair and rinse with warm water after 25-35 minutes.

Minus 417 Brand Premiere

Minus 417 is the union of Nature and Scientific Achievements, inspired by the Love of Art and Transformation. The brand combines the best of Nature and a modern approach to creating effective formulas. An innovative combination of minerals, Dead Sea mud and high concentrations of natural active ingredients provides a noticeable effect, restores the Health of the skin and hair and awakens true Beauty.

Seasonal collection YANINA Basic SS 2023

The spring novelties of YANINA Basic are the perfect seasonal cocktail: it contains delicate color combinations, flowing fabrics, jacquards and velvet, as well as comfortable knitwear.

Iconic veiled skirts, perfectly tailored robe coats, impeccable jackets, trousers and shorts are iconic brand classics. Also, this season, the designer paid special attention to shortened jackets, classic for the YANINA brand, with mother-of-pearl embroidered collars. There are also more relaxed forms in the collection – free-cut knitted pullovers.

New Sylvia collection from AimFactory

The new spring collection of the brand AimFactory bears the name Sylvia. This is a collective female image, the features of which most clearly convey the style of the new collection of leather jackets made of premium leather. For the first time to create leather jackets was used vana patent leather. Part of the collection is made in mother-of-pearl shades.

New Sisley Denim Capsule Collection

Denim, like a second skin, remains in the DNA of all Sisley collections, expressing the energetic and sensual side of the brand, self-confident and uncompromising. In the new capsule, the denim heritage is reimagined and presented in modern forms and combinations. Pants, jackets, dresses and shirts of different styles and shades are combined with each other to form complete looks.


The Snezhnaya Koroleva company presents the collection of the Snow Queen Limited Edition premium line of clothing and accessories for the Spring-Summer 2023 season. The focus of the spring collection is outerwear: straight-cut coats and rethought double-breasted trench coats with spectacular detachable feathers, natural leather bomber jackets in trendy gold and classic black, long double face wool coats in trendy lilac and much more.

The summer part of the collection is dominated by bright ultra mini-skirts made of natural metallic leather or golden sequins.

LIMÉ: versatile linen models in the new spring collection drop

LIMÉ presents a new drop of the spring collection, the main material of which is linen. Dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts and Bermuda shorts made of this lightweight breathable fabric are suitable not only for relaxing at sea, but also for everyday work.

OSOME2SOME presented a new spring collection

Spring lookbook by OSOME2SOME is a minimalist design and delicate accents. The designers decided to take on the archives of their own brand and worked…

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