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New Ex Nihilo fragrance, DARLING* perfume, spring collections at HEARTBREAKER, LOVE REPUBLIC, 70s shoes at RESPECT, Organic Kitchen x Womanizer product collection and other news in the weekly selection of BeautyHack.ru.

New California Hair & Face Brands – Contently and Tovegan

Inspired by citrus, Contently’s “After All” series features a blend of orange, grapefruit and lemon fruit extracts in each product that transports you to sunny California and gives your hair everything you need to make your look flawless from root to tip!

Tovegan is a 100% vegan brand. Therefore, the basis of Tovegan products contains only natural ingredients (blueberry extract, lavender oil, kiwi extract, etc.), which are necessary for daily care for the health and beauty of the skin.

New fragrance Ex Nihilo Vesper Glitz

VESPER GLITZ celebrates the lightness of a daring night in Paris. The scent of Paris after dark, where souls freely melt and bloom in a blazing chaos of fantastic color schemes. This is an intoxicating floral-amber composition inspired by the atmosphere of Paris after nightfall. The olfactory pyramid contains jasmine, mimosa, mandarin and neroli.

Perfume brand launch New notes

The name of the brand “New Notes” reveals the concept of the brand: these are modern bottles in a minimalist style, bold perfumes that create a completely unexpected and individual alchemy on each skin.

The perfumers managed to completely rethink and rework the existing accords into innovative ones, creating an amazingly long note, rich in nuances and contrasts. As a result, we see an unconventional perfume approach that surprises, but maintains a modern elegance.

HEARTBREAKER: sensual capsule from CHARMSTORE

From denim minis to revealing edgy cardigans and cool print t-shirts, the eye-catching and bold style of the 2000s is back on the street. The Russian women’s clothing brand CHARMSTORE has picked up the trend and prepared a festive collection that is designed to break your hearts.

The collection’s range includes outerwear, denim, feminine dresses, pantsuits, sportswear, sleepwear and more.

Perfume Collection DARLING*

DARLING* fragrances are like friends you’ve known for ages but who never cease to amaze you with their courage, versatility and optimism.

Perfume CITOPIA is a ringing fresh air, dancing on the roof, notes of lily of the valley, iris, geranium, musk and papyrus. The RHUBAY fragrance is ideal for bright personalities, stealers of hearts, because it contains citrus fruits, geranium, peony, vanilla. E-MOTION is a bright, summery fragrance with notes of French cypress, shelf, violet, patchouli and vetiver.


Natural colors and relaxed silhouettes are combined in the brand’s new collection. Turning to nature as a source of inspiration is a big trend for spring 2023. Shades of khaki, brown, gray and camel color symbolize a person’s desire to “ground himself”, to remain in harmony with the world and with himself.

Updated menu in Rocky2

Lamb shoulder with olive tapenade and sea bass in salt with tomato beurre blanc – without waiting for the upcoming holidays, Rocky2 prepares big meals for two. And for those who eat only from their plate, aguachili crudo, pasta with coconut milk and shrimp donuts await. Young Rocky2 chef Alexey Volkov demonstrates excellent imagination and good taste, combining Italian traditions and bright Pan-Asian accents in dishes. The unique gastronomic style of itameshi is born before our eyes – in the new scallop crudo with lychee and aguachili sauce in coconut milk with ginger, ponzu and lime, in salmon tartare with tangerines and avocado with tomato mousse wrapped in romaine leaves, in katsu schnitzel chicken thigh marinated with umami sauce and Dijon mustard.

70’S capsule collection by RESPECT

The dress code of the season is preppy. We will quote elements of the university style for a long time and persistently, so the homework is to learn the main fashion techniques. Let’s start with the new Respect ’70’ shoe capsule, which is already ready to take the first positions in the wish lists. The collection includes loafers with massive soles, the silhouette of which is associated with the aesthetics of the seventies. Slightly brutal, but at the same time feminine, loafers are the perfect option for both relaxed everyday and more formal office looks.

Spring/Summer’23 Campaign by LOVE REPUBLIC

This season, the brand elevates one of its main values ​​- hedonism and love of life – to the absolute. For the second time, LOVE REPUBLIC, together with the model, broadcasts in its advertising campaign the image of a modern girl – the one who lives her best life, has freedom and sexuality, but at the same time remains feminine. Her heroine is not a hostage to gender stereotypes and social clichés, but at the same time enjoys her attractiveness.

The hallmark of the new collection is bright trouser suits, micro-dresses with ruffles, corset elements in the style of the 20s, as well as large accessories that are fashionable this season.

New spring collection of the Russian children’s clothing brand Orby

This spring, the brand will present new items in various directions: high-tech outerwear, “non-boring” school uniforms, clothes with 3D characters, “hippie” lines for boys and girls, and a collection of indispensable basic clothes. Flagship New for the season is the Orby Basic collection. Clothing made of organic hypoallergenic cotton will attract parents with a comfortable cost, while children will undoubtedly pay attention to unisex models and easily fit t-shirts, trousers and hoodies into their everyday wardrobe.

“Ekonika” opens a new fashion season SS’23

Ekonika presented a new spring-summer collection of shoes and accessories 2023, awakening beauty. Designed in fresh hues, on-trend prints, iconic timeless cuts and contemporary silhouettes, it takes center stage.

New limited set and collection of Organic Kitchen x Womanizer products for care and an unforgettable sensory experience

The Russian fun-brand of natural cosmetics Organic Kitchen presents a new limited collection created in collaboration with the well-known international brand Womanizer.

The line includes three products for an unforgettable sensory experience and care for the most delicate areas of the body: soft gel for daily care, brightening cream, water-based gel. The line also includes a set that includes an exciting gel with a rejuvenating lifting effect, a soft gel for delicate care of sensitive skin and a Womanizer Mini massager.

Jewelry collection De luna in Bronnitsky Jeweler

Bronnitsky Jeweler presented one of the most mysterious collections of jewelry with sapphires and diamonds De luna. The DNA of the collection is laconic geometry. Blue sapphires of cosmic depth framed by white gold and placers of natural diamonds. The rectangular cut of the stones gives the stones a matte…

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