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Hair products from the Korean brand Eclore Studio, ANNA SHAROVA retinyl retinoate cream, home comfort in the Dasha Phi brand collection, new TO BE BLOSSOM capsule, punk-style CAZAL glasses, PERSONA beauty salon and Davines, Valentine’s Day at the Regent Porto hotel Montenegro 5* in Montenegro and other news in the weekly collection of BeautyHack.ru.

DréMMore: home spa treatment from the first Russian perfumed body salt brand

Aromas, in a dense glass jar, based on a complex of organic oils – oud, amber, sweet almond, jojoba, papaya extract. The products allow girls to feel their uniqueness through spa rituals at home. The natural composition of perfumed salt perfectly copes with acne and fights stretch marks on the body.

A new line of hair products from the Korean brand Eclore Studio

Korean brand Eclore Studio has introduced a new line of Protein Injection – eco-friendly and effective products for professional hair and scalp care. Now funds can be purchased in Russia.

Protein Injection Shampoo and Conditioner have a protein complex, which consists of 17 types of amino acids and oat protein extract, which allows you to instantly turn damaged hair into vibrant and silky.

Toning masks GRAFFITI HAIR COLOR MASK from the brand ICE Professional

The Russian brand of professional hair care ICE Professional by Natura Siberica presents a new product – a collection of tinted hair masks GRAFFITI HAIR COLOR MASK with a pronounced care, restoring and laminating effect.

The collection features 12 colors ranging from natural (black, brown, copper) to bright and creative (such as blue and fuchsia), as well as shades to maintain a beautiful trendy blonde (beige, ash, etc.).

Against dryness and irritation – moisturizing ampoule serum BioTherapy Concept

The Russian manufacturer of the company INGAL presents a new generation of moisturizing ampoule serum concentrate Aqua Force, BTC (BioTherapy Concept) for modern and effective home care. The uniqueness of this series is the presence in the composition of hyaluronic acid in combination with pentavitin. This cocktail helps to retain moisture in the epidermis, providing water balance, eliminating irritation. Ideal for dry, dry and sensitive skin.

For the first time in Russia: cream with retinyl retinoate ANNA SHAROVA

Russian cosmetics brand ANNA SHAROVA has introduced a cream with retinyl retinoate. This is an innovative facial skin rejuvenation in one beauty product. Active is a modern retinoid with a milder effect on the skin and a guarantee of results 8 times faster than with retinol protocols.

Limited set of beauty ampoules “Hydro & Lift Selection” Arcaya

The limited set contains 10 ampoules to solve several skin needs at once: 5 Beauty Express lifting ampoules for an instant wow effect and 5 Hyaluron Plus moisturizing ampoules for express hydration and filling fine wrinkles.

Beauty Express ampoules are ideal for tired and dull skin, eliminate puffiness and give the face radiance and freshness. Also effective when working with severe rosacea.

Guasha for massage / skin regimen / as a gift

On the comfortzoneskin website when buying from 6500 rubles. gouache as a gift. Gua Sha is made of Bian Shi stone, which contains the iridium crystal lattice, making it stronger than granite or steel. Gua Sha / skin regimen / contains more than 40 minerals and trace elements and, thanks to its smooth edges, is an ideal tool for massaging the face and body.

Dasha Phi – home is where we are

In January, the Dasha Phi team tried to convey the feeling of home comfort in a new lookbook to inspire and remind you how important it is to choose yourself and your comfort. Also, the traditional January sale is currently taking place on the brand’s website.

YANINA Fashion House presents the YANINA Couture ss2023 collection as part of Paris Haute Couture Week

The YANINA Couture SS2023 collection is a bright spring suite dedicated to timeless beauty, magical lightness, filled with wonderful courage and elegant audacity. Her silhouettes are exquisitely graceful – and architecturally voluminous. Its shades are passionate, full of life and love, calling to new horizons and achievements. The main motif of the collection is red poppies, a symbol of unprecedented beauty and charm.


TO BE BLOSSOM presents the first capsule this year’s collection, based on richth shades and laconic soft silhouettes. Products from the collection are perfect suitable for creating expressive and memorable images, while maintaining a sense of warmthla and comfort, which is so necessary in winterm season.

First spring drop of Autentiments

Autentiments designers continue to be inspired by the aesthetics of the 90s, namely, the elegance of the minimalism of the time, the purity of the lines and the conciseness of the forms. The basis of the drop is oversized jackets with an elongated cut with voluminous shoulders, strict pea coats made of thick cloth, suit overalls with a deep neckline, straight trousers, loose fit, cargo trousers, a pleated maxi skirt and a double-breasted jacket dress.

New collection of glasses CAZAL

This season, the atelier designers were inspired by the punk rock subculture, a movement of people striving for personal freedom and complete independence, ready to express themselves and their views, including their appearance. The new collection includes new eyewear shapes or updated colors of already iconic models.

Opera gloves and large stones are luxurious trends in the new concept shoot of the Russian jewelry house Grusha Diamonds

In anticipation of the season of dinner parties and charity events, Grusha Diamonds presented a new concept for a collection of jewelry with accent gems.

The advertising campaign includes the Statement collection, which combines the aesthetics of pure diamonds and the maximalism of massive colored stones. Exceptional gems combined with premium 18-karat gold shine against black mesh opera gloves, custom-tailored for the shoot by the Russian ready-to-wear brand.

Hair thickening at the Barbershop “Bublik”

Thickening bangs allows you to experiment with bangs without cutting off your own hair. Thickening for a haircut allows you to make a spectacular haircut (caret or bob-caret), if there is not enough volume of your own hair on the temporal lobes.

The cost is made up of two components. them: the cost of the work and the cost of the hair itself. Hair is selected at a free face-to-face consultation.

New Salon PERSONA by Davines

In the new year, a unique project, PERSONA and Davines, opened its doors. The best salon treatments, coloring and perms from Davines are complemented by impeccable service from the team of PERSONA salons: haircuts, manicures, pedicures and make-up.

The salon has a lot of live plants, sunlight, a Davines x Collector box in which you can leave your empty plastic, which the salon will then send to waste sorting stations for recycling. Here you can get high quality…

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