Desserts in the form of flowers, bouquets for guests and concerts: what promotions are offered by cafes and restaurants by March 8. BEAUTYHACK

March 8 is already this week! We talked about the most interesting and necessary gifts that you can now buy at a discount. Here. Now we offer to book a table in a cafe or restaurant. Read about the best deals in Moscow in the selection of gastronomic observer Maria Lobanova ( Maria made a list of places where it is better to go with friends, a man or a mother.

With friends


Right up to March 12 (to walk so to walk) in all Coffeemania restaurants they confess their love to the icons of style and cinema with limited desserts from the Cake Buro confectionery studio. A serious choice is between the “handbag” from the great Coco Chanel – they say that she was almost the first to introduce fashion into them. There is also a lemon biscuit inside and spring-fresh lemongrass cream with mint, which ideally coexists with berry mousse and strawberry coulis filling. Or order the Monroe dessert with hazelnut dacquoise, delicate vanilla mousse and bright raspberry lip-shaped coolies under stylish scarlet lipstick? My God, of course both at once! The cost of limited desserts is 590 rubles.

Pinsky&Co Restaurants

From March 7 to March 11, five restaurants of the holding (Avocado Queen, Restaurant No. 13, Vysota 5642, The Greeks and Rocky2) are launching a special project called My Spring. For five days, guests will be served a limited dessert from brand pastry chef Yuri Volkov – the eponymous My Spring eclair (1,500 rubles) with light French leger cream with violet and blackcurrant gel and white chocolate decor with pansies. And each guest, upon ordering, will be given a beauty envelope with three gifts from one of thirty partners, and the most successful will receive a certificate of 250,000 rubles for shopping at Petrovsky Passage.


Christian will offer an author’s surprise dessert from chef Christian Lorenzini, and in the evening they promise a performance by Alexander KLYUCHNIK, a vocalist, actor and (which is quite interesting) a traveler. Guests are collected at 19:00, the music program is from 20:00 – 23:00. Booking conditions: deposit 5,000 rubles per guest.


On March 8, after the main course, each guest here will receive a compliment – a sparkling lollipop in the shape of a treasured stone on a gilded cookie crumb. And among the desserts, a delicate and edible flower will appear. Pastry chef Naira Sosedova hides a “pearl” cake of airy coconut mousse and strawberry jelly on a juicy biscuit among fragile handmade rose chocolate petals (650 rubles).


One of the most beautiful desserts in the city can be found here – scarlet poppies with chocolate mousse. And traditional dances are also here – there will be a concert from Ivan Chebanov, whose tracks were listened to by more than 100 million people on streaming channels last year.

With a man


Here you need to start dinner with Japanese oysters. And I would also recommend red Sicilian shrimp – walk like that. Well, and dessert LOVE IS… – panna cotta mousse with strawberry confit center, covered with mirror glaze and shortcrust pastry crumbs.


Arranging a date on March 8 at the Tottori restaurant is like getting into a Japanese lacquer box. Authentic motifs create a vibe that is pleasing to the eye and soul, and the menu has such a clear harmony, like in ikebana. And, by the way, here, as they say, the best price in Moscow for wagyu A5 (the highest degree of marbling) from Kagoshima.

Le Pigeon

In the restaurant of Anton Pinsky, Georgy Troyan and Anton Kovalkov with the atmosphere of fashionable Paris, among the new menu dishes, do not forget to order sea bass for two, and for dessert, choose between millefeuille and creme brulee. Well, and gifts, of course – certificates from the most beautiful salon DAVIANI, which is also there, on Tsvetnoy, and bouquets of tulips from the Bosco Fiori decor and floristry studio.

Mercedes bar

On International Women’s Day, in the panoramic bar on the 31st floor of the Radisson Collection Hotel, the secret of the “Soul of the Rose” is revealed. Here, each guest will be presented with compositions of fresh flowers, which will decorate the bar in abundance, and an incredible view of the capital. The table reservation includes a ticket for 5000 rubles per person.

With a man but at home

Gallery To Go

Especially for the spring holidays, I came up with a collaboration with Arkady Novikov’s online restaurant Gallery To Go – a story about romance and just Sex and the City. Especially for romantic evenings together with sensual and beautiful food, like in a restaurant. There is a lot of protein, serotonin production is ensured, and a candlelight dinner with Sakhalin scallop with truffle ponzu and filet mignon with porcini mushrooms and pepper sauce, where there is nothing superfluous, like in a Brioni suit, is the key to a perfect evening. Moreover, the set for two for 9990 rubles also includes a heart-shaped cake with pistachio biscuit and strawberry confiture. 24/7 you can order both the whole set and individual dishes.

With mom


As usual in the restaurants of Andrey Dellos, there is an ideal entourage here – with the atmosphere of a Russian estate. And among the desserts there is the traditional and still very spectacular “Matryoshka” made of chocolate velor with strawberry praline, lemon mousse and rose jam. Already from 17:00, with a reserve, a deposit of 10 thousand rubles will be required, and from 18:00 there will be live music.


The Bochka restaurant is all about the famous American writer and TV presenter Julia Child, who made French cuisine famous. And the tribute dinner, chef Igor Bednyakov, will cook according to the same recipes that every American housewife memorized on The French Chef TV show by heart. But with author’s strokes, of course. In a set of five servings – venison pate with black caviar, salad with tuna confit and scallop “Kokil Saint-Jacques” a la parisien. For the main course – Boeuf Bourguignon with potato gratin, and for dessert – crème caramel with strawberry confiture. And all this with live French songs. Dinner starts at 19:00, set price: 4,990 rubles.

Sartoria Lamberti

All week from March 8, they will be serving a dessert a la Tiffany from Naira Sosedova. Box “T.V.” (1000 rubles) hides raspberry mousse and exotic yuzu with citrus biscuit under the corporate color chocolate icing, and in addition, everything is as it should be with the brand – a silver chocolate “brooch” with the restaurant’s logo and even a “Jewelry Certificate” printed on wafer paper.


Where is International Women’s Day celebrated with no less enthusiasm, and mimosa is the same invariable attribute of the holiday? The correct answer is Italy. And on this occasion, Giuseppe Davi created an unusual dessert-confession-motivation with the image of Marilyn Monroe performed by Andy Warhol, choosing her as a collective symbol of femininity and beauty. And he attached a message: “Being a woman is incredible.” A compliment – a bitter chocolate tartlet with strawberry-yoghurt mousse in a tulip dough frame is received by all guests on March 8.

“Love and Sweets”

In the special collection of desserts of the confectionery Regina Burd and Sergey Zhukov on March 8 – a set of eclairs with a mimosa picture on Belgian chocolate, with custard and assorted flavors from pistachios to chocolate (1800 rubles – 4 pcs.) And a mix of cupcakes with roses from the cream “Spring bouquet “(850 rubles – 2 pcs.). And there are also “two in one” – cakes, in which there is a biscuit, and a bouquet of live tulips or mimosa to choose from (from 5200 to 10150 rubles). With delivery, order on the site, and by the piece cakes and eclairs can be bought in the corners at the Danilovsky market, Vegas Crocus City and the DEPO food mall.

Text: Maria Lobanova

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