Cruises with stars, concerts at the Moskvarium and films by Bergman: events not to be missed this fall.

If you did not have time to relax and have a good time, do not worry – autumn promises to be incredibly eventful. In order not to get confused in the activities,. Special Projects Manager Natalya Andreeva shared the main cultural events of September and October: from walks through the main mansions of Moscow to river cruises.

Screening series of films directed by Ingmar Bergman

When: from 8 to 12 September

Where: at the cinema “Artistic”

The program consists of four films. The screening will open with the film Through Dark Glass, which brought the director an Oscar. Also, as part of the program, viewers will see the paintings “Whispers and Cries”, “Silence” and “Autumn Sonata”. The tapes will be shown in Swedish with Russian subtitles.

Blazar Young Contemporary Art Fair

When: from 14 to 18 September

Where: at the Museum of Moscow

In mid-September, the Museum of Moscow will host one of the brightest events in the field of contemporary art – blazar. The fair in 2022 consists of sections with 60 independent artists, a section of educational institutions, stands of 22 galleries (almost half of them participate in the created in moscow project, created jointly with the creative industries agency of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development). Bonus – a new section of digital art.

The third issue of blazar will focus on the development of solidarity and horizontal connections. An important component of the fair will be the presentation of different types of interaction between contemporary art and entrepreneurship, which will provide young artists with a useful experience of relevant, creative and effective cooperation with business.

Exhibition Jolie Alien “Dry Nettle”

When: to October 16

Where: at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The museum, with the support of the astra gallery, will present an exhibition by the artist Jolie Alie. Jolie Alien’s first personal museum project brings together the work of the past few years. In Jolie’s art, symbols of modern culture coexist with personal myth. The lack of perspective, the imitation of childlike simplicity and the expressiveness side by side with surrealistic images create a special feeling of turbulence.

The original idea of ​​the exhibition was based on the concept of the Garden of Eden “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri. The garden became the starting point and collective image of the entire project. At some point, he himself began to create semantic connections – growing, mutating, withering and reborn, he captured the spaces of the exhibition halls, entered into a dialogue with the works and went far beyond the connotations of “paradise”.

Exhibition “Autarky” by Misha Burov

When: from September 9 to October 16

Where: at Ruarts

Misha Bury is a Russian multidisciplinary artist. Bury works with sculpture, assemblage, painting, video and installation. He creates his works from found materials: waste from advertising production and printing. In his works, the artist touches upon such issues as the culture of mass consumption and ecology. Misha duplicates the patterns of paper scraps and fills the canvases with them to the eyeballs, making the paintings seem to swell, ready to burst out and fill the room with contents. And sculptures reminiscent of human figures, made in the good old tradition of plastic dynamism, are just waiting for the chance to turn around, simultaneously presenting all potential vectors of movement, all possible coverings of space.

Performance “Holes”

When: September 15-16

Where: in the Brusnikin Workshop on the stage of ShDI

Brusnikin’s workshop on the stage of the ShDI at Novoslobodskaya in Moscow (former CIM) will present the first premiere of the new season – the play “Holes” based on the play by modern playwright Lydia Golovanova. Alexei Martynov, actor of the Brusnikin Workshop, puts on a philosophical comedy about the everyday work of a person who feels himself a part of the boundless Universe. His colleagues, actresses Anzhelika Katysheva and Anastasia Lebedeva, will play in the performance.

Performance “Fight”

When: September 12 and 29

Where: at the Oleg Tabakov Theater

For the first time in Russia, the Oleg Tabakov Theater presents a performance based on the David Lindsey-Hébert comedy Ripcord. In the editorial office of the theater, the comedy was called “Fight”. The battlefield is a room in a boarding house for the elderly. In the left corner is the snarky old woman Abby, in the right corner is the cheerful old woman Marilyn. The reason for the battle is a radical dissimilarity of characters. The fight will be without rules, so all means are good.

In the course are terrible tests, cruel “setups” and ruthless practical jokes. The free fall into the unknown begins. Let’s see if the “ripcord” will work and if the sworn friends will have time to “enjoy the views.”

Concerts “Sea of ​​Music”

When: all September

Where: in Moskvarium

For the first time in Moscow there are concerts among the inhabitants of the underwater world! Live performances of musical groups will take place right at the Aquarium exposition, numbering more than 12 thousand “locals”. The guests of the concert will have an unforgettable evening in an amazing atmosphere, beautiful music and a menu with a variety of drinks and snacks.

Oleg and Natalya Butman will perform on September 9, Joy Cycle on September 16, KÍKI & Boba Sheshera on September 23, and Sabrina will sing on stage on September 30. She will present her best tracks, including the song “She”, which entered the world “TOP 50 Shazam” in 2021.

Autumn cruises Volga Dream

When: all autumn

Where: on the cruise ship Volga Dream

Cruise ship Volga Dream continues the shipping season. Autumn will be no less interesting. Fascinating colorful journeys through the ancient Russian cities take from 3 days, depending on the route. Each has a unique cultural program from the organizers. For example, from September 8 to 12, guests of the Golden Ring cruise will be treated to a performance by actress, TV presenter Sati Spivakov and theater and film actor Vladimir Koshevoy. The poetry program “When we knew how to fly” accompanied by live piano music and a creative evening will be held in a cozy lounge area on the closed deck. From September 19 to 24, the star of the Autumn Plyos route will be the wellness guru Natasha Davydova – she will share life hacks and conduct a workout.

Tours of Moscow from Cities & People

When: all autumn

The project conducts tours of the capital about architecture and design through the history of the people who created the city, lived here and created. In September, you can get into the old bank vault, the mansions of Ryabushinsky, Morozov and the Central House of Writers. The next dates are 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 18th. You will be able to learn interesting facts about Moscow and its heroes in an understandable language.

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