Controversial series Harry and Meghan strikes at the royal family


As soon as it became known that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a multi-million dollar contract with Netflix to shoot a documentary series, the British royal family tensed in anticipation of the scandal. How they looked into the water!

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To begin with, the audience was shown two trailers that preceded the 6-episode film and, as usual, collected the most poignant and provocative moments.

Of course, even during the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, when Harry and Meghan, holding hands, talked about the racism and harassment that they encountered under the arches of the palace when they got married, it was clear: the Dukes of Sussex in their demarche against the BCS will not spare anyone, and especially will get the “right” William and Kate.

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Both trailers and three episodes of the Harry and Megan series produced the effect of an exploding bomb: the disgraced spouses went through their relatives harshly, voicing long-standing grievances and generously seasoning them with shocking confessions.

“They were happy to lie to protect William, but they didn’t want to tell the truth to protect us,” Harry complains on screen, recalling his time in Britain with Meghan.

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Markle does not lag behind her husband and even surpasses him with pathos, stating that she was “not thrown to the wolves”, she was “fed to them.” What a metaphor!

Speaking about Prince William and Kate Middleton, Meghan remembered how her acquaintance with them went. She and Harry invited the couple to their home, and when they arrived, Meg ran out into the hallway to meet the guests. She was in jeans and barefoot, and when she hugged her future relatives, she felt their shock and dislike. Then, according to Megan, she was struck that William and Kate, it turns out, always behave utterly formally, not daring to relax even in the most relaxed atmosphere. In general, simplicity and democracy are not about them, no matter how hard they try to convince everyone of the opposite.

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Harry and Meghan went on to say that Kate and William are hypocrites and gaslighters who “practically recruited people” to throw mud at the Sussexes in the press and social networks.

As expected, after the release of the first episodes, heated discussions broke out, but the opinions of the viewers were divided. Part of the audience shouting “We knew it!” showers BKS with abuse, accusing of racism, lies and window dressing. Those who are on the side of William and Kate believe that Megan and Harry in their TV project deliberately expose themselves as victims, although they themselves have a stigma in the cannon.

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Who is right, who is wrong – as always, time will tell. But no one bothers us to stock up on popcorn and look at the battles that broke out in the stiff royal family of Britain.

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